7 Types Of Chocolate Lover Mentioned Their Fashion Preference. Which One Are You?

Chocolates and girls are inseparable since years, you’ll hardly find a girl who is not fond of chocolates and from chocolates we are not restricted towards the conventional ones-coz now we have so many options to choose from. The world is expanding its knowledge and arms, so does the options and we’re totally loving it.

Talking about the chocolates, who doesn’t like to indulge in some gooey chocolate treat which melts in your mouth taking you into the world of heaven. Mind, if I went a bit with the flow. Chocolates and girls surely shares some enthralling memories.

Going across the love for chocolates I discovered a set of pattern when I talked about girl’s two favorite things i.e. chocolates and fashion. If your eating habits describe your personality, even if my “ear size” could reveal so much about my personality (as per some articles that I came across) then why not our favorite chocolate describe a bit about my fashion preference. I decided to put this thing on test and I actually found a set of pattern that girls have related to their chocolate preference. Let’s see what they are:

1. Nutella

We all have heard or drooled over this particular thing made in the history of chocolates that has such deep impact on your taste buds. This crazy molten chocolate is a lifetime dessert for some of us. And if you’re a Nutella freak then your fashion preference is definitely something cozy and comfortable like-trackpants. They are stylish, super cool, edgy and guess what they are crazy comfortable. Satisfying the lazy soul of a Nutella lovers, this is the best thing you can have.

2. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate lovers are totally opposite to that of Nutella lovers. Despite being lazy and pampered all the time, they are quite responsible, highly energetic and punctual (especially for being on time). Their styling is clean and captivating. Gift them a nice top or jeggings and they’ll thank you million times.

3. Nutties

There’re so many childhood memories attached with a pack of nutties that can literally make you sob. Being stubborn as a kid we all demanded a little pack of nutties as a bribe so that the mature people can handle us in a particular manner. A nutty fan who is still a child by heart should be treated like an over pampered child all her life. Though their fashion preference is exactly opposite of their behavior as they prefer being dressed all classy. A fine LBD is a thing that can bring them down on their knees.

4. White Chocolate

And then there are those who dislike cocoa chocolates and prefer white ones over it. Yes, these people do exist and that’s completely fine. Don’t worry if you’re under this category, I feel you mate. White chocolate which is actually more sweet than the brown ones are their favorite which surely says that they have an extremely sweet tooth. They have obsession for heels-no matter what type. From kitten to those mesmerizing high heels. They heart it all.

5. Cupcakes

Apart from your regular chocolates comes a cupcake which is loved by some chirpy girls. They are truly a chatterbox we must say. Their adorable nature makes them prone towards making a lot of friends. And bright colors make them happy to the heights. Florals, Crop tops, prints, sunshine and a bright smile is what you always notice in the essence of their life.

6. Hot Chocolate

Winters, hot chocolate and a book-Glimpse of heaven. The idea itself is a blissful thought and hot chocolate lovers can totally relate to this. Hot chocolate makes you feel more relaxed and is a complete stressbuster after a hectic day. Warning: Never spill the cup of a hot chocolate lover, as it can be an open invitation for a death stare you can’t tolerate. A hot chocolate are mostly smart ones with the most graceful fashion preference. A little ruffles, a blazer, a white crisp shirt are their staples.

Chocolates are indeed the best part of our life and irrespective of the calories we’re taking in, there’s nothing in the world that can apart us from the heavenly taste of it. Say yes to more chocolates without any sort of regret.

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