Types Of Parties Where We All Must Go ASAP!!

Parties are not restricted to booze and dance, we all need to look our best for every single party. But the question is what to wear on different types of parties? To solve this fashion query, we here compiled a list of different partie and what you should wear on such parties.

1. Cocktail Party

A cocktail party often referred as drinks party where obviously cocktails are served. It can be a business or social party. It is basically a social gathering which may take on special occasions. The dresses for such party is often classy with statement pieces that mark your strong presence. Going there with a bold look is what you need. If it is an office party, the need for those appealing looks demands more and the dress which is perfect for such a party is a bodycon dress. Keeping it minimalistic take out the graceful lady in you with an elegant walk and you’ll be noticed.

2. Dj Party

Dj party is for the dance lovers. The Dj Is going to play all your favorite party tracks and the party demands for dancing hard all night. A versatile jumpsuit is the most favorable for that. Smokey eyes and bold lips to make your presence count. A jumpsuit will give you the comfort to dance all night and stay classy at the same point.

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3. Bachelorette Party

A party organized for the bride-to-be along with her girly friends and the main motive of which is to have extreme fun. This sort of party is highly glamorous which you must enjoy being dressed the best. A skater dress is a good fit for such dress as they are highly glamorous and girly which makes them perfect for this party. A bright party with highlighter on your face will make you glow in between your girlies. And don’t expect that the party is gonna end soon.

4. Pool Party

Pool party is the most fun of all. Imagine a pool prepped with all our bar needs where you can relax and enjoy. A pool party is fun and pool dresses lends well with the whole idea of pooling. Dressy all beachy and hat to get those vacation vibes.

5. Sufi Nights

Sufi nights are soothing. It’s a nice time to spend some time with your loved ones (you know whom you must take along yourself). The blend of perfect music and drinks blends well together and the need for fashion is no less here. Wear a perfect shift dress or you can pick a monochrome one and a single statement piece, either a watch or your favorite classy earrings.

6. Ladies Night

Ladies night for the pretty ladies where men are not allowed and we girls have the leverage to any sort of mischief that we want to. These parties are all about makeup, sexy dresses and having freedom and fun all night. A maxi dress specifically something which is backless or a slit maxi dress will make your party remarkable and glamorous.

7. Pajama Party

Pajama parties are for the crazy freaks. Feel yourself blessed if you get a pillow during such a party coz having pillow is almost a win win situation during a pajama party. Watching your favorite shows, sipping your wine, giving each other some spa session is what completes a pajama party.

8. Jazzy Night

Jazz means fun music and glittery dresses, ladies dressed In sequined dresses turning on the vibe with their charming personality with a motive to shine around. A perfect sling bag and a bold matte lipstick with some enchanting curls.

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