Why Its Better To Be Single Than The Committed Ones!!

A wise man once said “Fly Solo” and from this we’re sure that he must be indicating the world not to think about relationships. The old age discussion amongst singles and committed suffices the agony that lies behind those happy faces of a couple. The sickening feel of loneliness may grasp you for a while but it’s worth the fun you’re having. We’re not promoting anti-relationship theory anyway, but the liberty out of a relationship is surely irreplaceable. The list below will give you a brief glimpse of what a life of a single person will look like, if taken into consideration.

Warning: Don’t try to break-up with your partner after reading the list, as we surely don’t wanna be the sole reason for it.

1. You can go to parties

Yes, you’re free!! Freedom is a humanitarian right of every individual living on this planet who is not in a relationship, as those who are committed were forced to take dates (not parties) that too with one specific person whom you call the “love of your life”. Everyone except him/her, like your buddies, girl gang is no more in existence for you. But if you’re single just wear your favorite jeggings with a chic top and go have some fun.

2. You can dress up well

As you’re not indulged into any sort of stress, discussions and PDA moments, you have enough time to invest time it to dress well and to shop more. Whether its your favorite pair of sneakers or some chunky jewelry you can easily experiment a lot with them.

3. Body grooming Is better than before

Stress free happy skin is always better. According to many dermatologists the effect of stress on skin is higher and is the reason of early premature ageing. You can invest more time for body grooming sessions despite getting a part of heated furious arguments.

4. You will save more money which in turn means more shopping.

More money means more shopping. From latest tops dresses, everything which is trendy must lie into your wardrobe and you’ll get enough time for it. The emotional pressure will get extinct from your life and you’re no longer a sadist. And there’s no cardio like shopping girls.

5. You can check out hot boys

And without even feeling guilty about it. The endless conversation between you and your girl gang whenever you all spot a hot guy suddenly goes out of your mind as you’re not allowed to do so. But the best thing about being single is that maybe one day you’ll date your guy crush.

6. You can follow your passion with utmost concentration

Being in a relationship is almost like a 24*7 job which distracts you from other aspects of your life. Following your passion or simply a hobby is not possible, but you will have enough time to learn everything which you ever wanted to. Invest some time into buying your favorite handbags so as to elaborate your handbag collection or simply devote some time towards your hobby towards fashion, music, cooking or anything else you might like.

7. Date With Your Bff As Much As You Can

Consequence of a relationship no-101, you have no time for your besties and for this, they’ll get the shit out of you. There’s a lot in your life where you’re lacking and you definitely choose your relationships over your besties which is definitely unfair. When you’re single you’re free to spend some crazy time with your bestie, either by playing some dress up or by shopping.

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