What Your Smile Tells About Your Fashion Preference. Know Here!!

“A smile is the best accessory you can wear”. The way you smile says a lot about your personality. We all know the importance of smile in our smile. Apart from being a stress buster, smile can brighten up your day on a good note. Even if the day is not as per your choice, a smile won’t harm your health. Despite that we all know that “Happy girls are the prettiest”.

All of us girlies love to smile as much as we love being pampered and being loved. The thing that separates us the way we smile and that has a secret link related to our personality and our fashion preference. Yes, you read it right and to decode the mystery here’s the list of different type of smile that we came across along with personality and fashion preference towards which they are most prone.

1. The Straight Smile

A gesture of blushing or liking or just a sign of a humble behavior, this type of smile is the most common amongst all. The person with such smile is a deep thinker and invest time and humor to every decision she makes. They are denim lovers and are possessive about their personal denims. Never ever ask for sharing their denim as this might offence them.

2. The Toothy Smile

A bright smile like this is enough to embrace the beauty of any girl around you. A girl with such bright smile is bubbly in nature and it is extremely fun to be with them. They live their life to the fullest but when it comes to fashion they have their own statement fashion charm. Classy jewelry pieces can make them weak on their knees.

3. The Dimpled Smile

The most obsessed one- dimpled smile refers to a bright mind. People with such smiles are innovative and are born with leadership quality. They are a true charmer. A person with dimpled smile is highly addictive towards shoes. Casual to classic their shoe preference is enough to benchmark their style statement.

4. Asymmetric smile

Often considered as a sign of smartness, people with asymmetric smile are polite and mature in nature. Girls with such smile are highly understanding and perceive a very good sense of humor. They are intelligent and are often praised for this quality of theirs. They are balanced in their life and prefers that in their outfits too. Their fashion pick is a balanced sling bag which they extremely love over other handbags.

5. Laugh-Out-Loud

A girl who laugh out loud is very sensitive in nature. They are extremely emotional and make strong bond with people around them. They prove great as a friend, a lover or a companion. A nice top lit up their face like a bright Sun.

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