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10 Things You Can Only Do With Your Guy Best Friend!

Lakda ladki kabhi dost nahi hoo saktey! our society believe it strongly, but no one knows the reason for the same! isn’t?

You can abuse anyone in front of him, because he is there for you to take a stand, girls, Guy Best Friend is the best thing can ever happen to a girl’s life!

Sometimes it’s a total waste to make your boyfriends understand certain things, but it’s relaxing and soothing to talk our guy best friend, reason is: he has seen all good and bads of yours, he hollds the knowledge to tackle you with your issues!!

1. Talk about life problems, especially something that has been bothering you tremendously. 

You can doubt this on your boyfriends, but you can’t on your besties.

They will listen you without even giving it a thought, you can talk to him with issues, or without any issues, you will never complaint for boredness with them.

Boys can create logics much easier than girls, they can judge the situation much faster, believe that they are all time best.

2. Drink your heart out, laugh like there is no tomorrow and then probably pass out on his shoulder. 

You know girls, what is the best thing? you have nothing to worry about when you are drunk!

You can have heart full of drinks, because you know that he will always be there to hold you even if you hangover the drinks!

Even if you keep your head on his shoulder you will be relieved! it’s a great feeling to know that you are safe even after drinks! isn’t?

3. You can be brutally honest with him and the same applies to him too. 

Your boy can lie to you that, you are looking fabulous in the oxblood shade if your lipstick, but your best guy friednd will say the truth, he can say you are not looking less than a weird witch!

Believe him, or if you let him know that, girl he is dating is not loyal to him, he should believe him, because you both are the best well wisher of each other!

4. Taking screenshots of everything and sending to him. And stalking people online together. 

If you will tell him that a boy asked you to get lost on some social networking site, he will be like, “hhehehehhahahahahhaa”!!!

You can even joke on yourself with him without any second thought that how you both will feel!

5. Playfully slapping him, laughing and then hugging him because you just love him so much. 

Try this! slap your man in humour, he will get annoyed! now, slap your best friend, he will hold and can even slap you back or stretch your hair, or take off your hair clips, or anything crazy he can do!

This is the best thing with your guy best friend, playfully slapping him, laughing and then hugging him, you can spend countless moments with him!

6. Sending him trial room selfies to ask him which ones to buy, because well, he will be honest. For sure.

Of corse he can! when he can say that you look witch in oxblood lipstick shade, he surely will be truthful with your trial room dresses!

Hold your heart, he can even say that you are looking damn fat, elephant will shy, looking at you!

7. Knowing that you can totally not care about what you wear when you’re with him. 

Putting on high heels, applying makeup, curling your hair, wearing the shiny gloss, matching all your clothes, is not at all needed with him!

He will adore you the way you are, your looks and looking stunning will never matters for him anyways!

8. Dreaming about being successful in life. Together. 

Look i will shop from shopers stop and you will go for woodland, we will not judge the price tags and rates of anything after job, sure? promise?

These are the things when you both will dream on!

Go hand-in-hand for future, friendships are truely precious!

9. Waking him up with a frantic call at 4 am just because you feel like talking and then going back to sleep right on that call, while he lies awake. 

You all of a sudden vibe like poop, oops! you watched a drastic dream, girls are impatient!

It’s 4 am and you wanna cry, you wanna talk, you simply wake him up and talk’s despite everything he listening to you. That’s, what characterizes your best fellowship with him.

10. You trust him to protect you so much that even walking down scary streets at midnight, hand in hand, without being afraid is now a fearless part of your life.

Getting sloshed and sitting tight for a taxi or likely some individual to give you a lift! Since goodness well it’s 3 am and you need to return back home.

Yet, you’re not terrified! Despite everything you’re laughing with him. Since, you know he’s recovered your dependably.

No feeling can over rule these emotion with best friends! Cherish These Moments!

10 Things You Can Only Do With Your Guy Best Friend! was last modified: May 27th, 2021 by Pooja Sharma

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