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Your Sleeping positions as couple reveal a lot about your relationship!!

The best thing about this pose is- both the partners trust each other a lot.

source: lifestyle

4. Back to back sleeping pose!

This pose of sleeping clearly says- both the partners are highly understanding and respect the space between them.

The couple sleeps back to back but has the intimate touch between them.

This makes them feel secure and available for each other forever.

source: crystalgraphics

3. The classic cliffhanger sleeping pose!

This pose of sleeping is almost similar to the back-to-back sleeping pose.

But in this, couples have no physical contact with each other.

This pose says- the couple needs no physical touch because they are connected and at the same time they are independent too!

They know that their partner is always available for them by their side.

source: prozeny

2. The sweetheart hug sleeping pose!

The couples who sleep with this pose are the most romantic couples even after the years of their relationship!

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