Different Types Of Music Explains Your Personality!!

“Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart”- said by a wise man that exactly justifies the in-depth impact of music in our life. Music has the power to influence the way we live and how we’re gonna nurture ourself. According to studies, music has some deep psychological effects on our brain, but being different from each other we all have our specific likings while listening music. One likes to indulge in rock music while other will just prefer listening to a soulful one. Depending on one’s music preference a lot can be revealed about an individual’s personality.

Talking about girls, a study shows that “women are more likely than men to respond to music in a more emotional way” which clearly defines that personality of women depends on the choice of music that she prefers. To reveal the mystery, we put this to the test on our team and got some mindboggling results as it kind of gives you a pattern through which you can decode one’s personality, nature, likings and even their fashion preference. Here’s what we concluded:

1. Pop Music

Here in India, fusion of Indian with western nodes is said to be Indi-Pop music that we came across everyday on our television screens. People who like such kind of music are most likely to be shy and nervous kind of personality. Girls under this category are more conscious and gets influenced by other’s opinions pretty soon. Hence they rather chose a safer side whether in terms of decision or in the terms of fashion. “Black” being the most dependable comes first on their list, and a black dress can make them go weak on knees.

2. Rock Lovers

Rock lovers are extremely hardworking and believe in supremacy. Their energy level is difficult to match with. Their leadership quality is what keep them on top in their life. Confident in nature they drool over sling bags which gives them a more classy look which they love.

3. Sufi Soul

Taking you towards the sufi side, Sufi music lovers are bold and blessed with a strong personality. Their talent is applauded by everyone around them. They are loyal and kind hearted, and you can find a huge stack of classy kurtis in their wardrobe. They carry them with much ease and grace than others.

4. Bollywood Masala

If you are in love with most of the Bollywood songs and prefers them above others then you’re surely a girl who is extremely carefree and chirpy. You are so much into traveling and one can also call you a big foodie. Basically, you love trying out new things and that exactly apart you from others. Talking about fashion needs, shorts are something you can’t live without.

Rs.1299 Rs.715(-45%)
Rs.2190 Rs.1095(-50%)
Rs.799 Rs.399(-50%)
Rs.799 Rs.560(-30%)
Rs.1299 Rs.520(-60%)
Rs.895 Rs.582(-35%)
Rs.895 Rs.582(-35%)
Rs.2495 Rs.1248(-50%)
Rs.1899 Rs.499(-74%)
Rs.1499 Rs.600(-60%)
Rs.699 Rs.279(-60%)
Rs.899 Rs.629(-30%)
Rs.1390 Rs.417(-70%)

5. Folk Listeners

If you like to indulge in soulful Indian traditional music, then you’re a creative person who loves to create ideas. You raise your opinions wherever needed, and that makes you a strong opinionated person. Bellies are your favorite as they are comfortable and comes with a hell lot of choices.

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