Top 16 Art Blogs In India

1. Artnlight

Art is a powerful medium that can express a thousand words and emotions without saying a thing. It has hidden layers to it and can mean different things to different people. It has the power of bringing the brightest joy and gloomiest sorrow to anyone. This blog gives a platform for Vineeta, the blogger, to share her thoughts and feelings through design and decor. She represents India in a beautiful and alluring way. She brings the local flavor of India by featuring the real people of the country. She highlights the homes, artists, photographers, shopping, and much more that make India what it is. This cheerful and happy blog will make you leave with a lightness in your heart that will inspire you and take you to your happy place.

2. Artists of India

India is a magical land where people from different cultures, religions, languages, customs, etc, stay. They practice different lifestyles and have a different way of looking at the world. This blog brings together all the diversity under one roof to showcase all the amazing talent of India. The pieces of art are able to depict the true India, its highs and lows and everything in between. With more than 60 artists, this blog gives the artists a medium to convey their message to lakhs of viewers’ every day. This blog provides an eagle eyed view to all the differences and similarities of the entire country.

3. Artzolo Blog

ArtZolo is a platform to promote fine, modern & contemporary art of India. Artzolo aims to bring the best of the modern and traditional world with a well round art analysis on art, artist and related subjects.
The blog in addition to interviewing emerging and professional artists also highlights key art forms from across the globe and frequently lists tips on adding to your home decor with art.

4. Art Scene India

Art is a beautiful form of expression that has been used by humans from ancient times. Even before humans could write, they conveyed their thoughts and feelings to the world and generations to come through art. We can see that by the painting on the wall of the caves which talk to us even after centuries. This sacred form is covered by Nalini Malaviya, in the blog. Here you will find all that you need to know about art in India. You can get to know about upcoming shows, reviews, exhibitions, interviews and much more all in a single place. This is a perfect place for all the newbie’s because you can also find guides and tips that will make you go a long way.

5. Abhiart

Art is a form of expression that shows all the secrets that we lock up in our hearts away from the entire world. Even time is not a limit for art as it can express the past, present as well as future. It can even portray the hidden mysteries of life and answer all the questions that humans are in search of. The universe is the apex artist. You can see intricate patters everywhere you look even in minute things. The artist and blogger, Abhishek Singh, convey this thought and idea through his art. The powerful images have deep layers for you to uncover and leave a mark in your hearts forever.

6. Ananta Mandal

Humans go through various phases in their lives and there are many loose endsthey find when they are standing at the end of the road. There are many questions that come in one’s mind that cannot be expressed with mere simple words. This is where art comes in place. Ananta Mandal is a magician and his tools are watercolour, oil and acrylic. Because of his vast imagination and surreal paintings, he is known worldwide. His paintings mirror the reality of the urban jungle. Because of his extreme talent, he has been rewarded with numerous national and international prestigious awards.

7. Old Indian Arts

Art is something that never goes out of fashion. If it is good it becomes a classic but never goes out of the minds of its lovers and is always appreciated. A single painting has the ability to tell us various stories and give us vast knowledge about the era in which it was painted. This blog uncovers these hidden treasures that bring the ancient times back to life. Here you can find many paintings from different regions, dynasties and eras all in a single place. They tell all about India’s history and how it came to be at the stage that it is now.

8. Varna Chitra

From the time of the caveman, humans have been expressing their thoughts through art. From paintings on the walls, we have come to modern art and the journey has been astounding. No one can guess what we will get to see next but it is sure to be groundbreaking. Biju P Mathew, the artist and blogger, continues this ancient form and portrays landscapes, nature, life and much more in his paintings. His tools of choice are acrylic paints, oil paints, watercolour, graphite pencil, charcoal pencil, coloured pencil, pastels and crayons. With all these tools in his arsenal, he works his magic on acid free paper or canvas.

9. Indian Colours

India is a vast land with different topographies, cultures, religions, customs, lifestyle etc. It is such an extensive and colourful land rich in different sites and experiences. You can experience the coldest weather and the hottest days, the wealthiest experience and see the poverty line on the same day. This blog, started in 2013, depicts contemporary artists that are magically talented. You can find their amazing art work on world-class sites like Amazon and Flipkart. Because of this they can reach millions and even the common people can appreciate the beauty of their work.

10. Sambo

Art has the power to capture forces that mere human strength cannot even touch. It can depict mysteries that have been puzzling the human kind for centuries and we are no closer to finding the answers that we are looking for. Even the divine powers can be bought to earth by art through paintings. The paintings and sculptures in this blog are so mesmerising and powerful that it looks as if the gods themselves have blessed the artists. Muthukumar Rajamani, the creator of the blog brings together talent and vision through this blog.

11. Hues n Shades

In any given situation that we face every day, there are hidden layers. There is always the second side of the coin. Nothing is black and white. There are always gray areas. One can feel a thousand emotions in a single moment. All this complexity of a single second can be portrayed in a single piece of art work. Deepa Gopal Sunil, the artist and blogger, brings out these complex emotions and situations in her paintings. You can mostly find Indian designs and themes over here. Folk forms from all over the globe are covered. You can also learn a tip or two about the form and create you own art piece.

12. Pretty Pink Pebbles

There is beauty everywhere you look. From the lush green grass on the ground to the wandering clouds in the sky, you can see beautiful images everywhere. When you are in your darkest gloomiest mood, even a little piece of beauty can bright up your day. This blog provides this happiness with cheerful and joyous art that will refresh your mind and soul. This is a land where no tension and worries enter and only glee and delight have a free pass. Here you will find stories, photographs, designs and other things that will bright up your day and cheer up your mood.

13. Art By Aarohi

Aarohi, the blogger and artist, uses art as a window to express her true feelings. This window allows you to peek in her soul and see all the raw emotions that are faced by everyone in their lives. The perfectionist does everything with passion and gives her all. She is driven by her imagination and talent and nothing can stop her from reaching heights. Everything that she does comes out of passion and love. You can join her in her journey of life, through all her ups and downs, through this blog where she expresses all her true feelings and nothing is hidden or locked away.

14. The Art Blog

Art, this three letter word has the power to consume one’s life. While painting, an artist forgets about his surroundings completely. A person who appreciates art looses track of time if a piece of art mesmerises him. This blog was born out of amalgamation of two blogs in 2013. The blog gives a platform to artists from all around the world so that they can connect with the people who appreciate art. If you want to promote your art exhibition, you can do that here by spreading a word about it. This is the best way to get the attention from the right kind of people.

15. Archan Nair

Some people pick up brushes to create art, but some work their magic through computers. Archan Nair, the artist and blogger creates beautiful and ravishing art works. Here you can find mixed media, illustrations and digital art that will blow your mind. Archan gets inspired by the most amazing thing there is, life. Because of her vast talent, she has been the talent behind the wonderful images of Canon, Nike, Tiger Beer, Sony etc. Even the music giant Kanye West has recognised her talent. After all the success, there is no way that she will be stopped by anyone. The only way that she will go towards is forwards till she reaches greater heights.

16. Pradarshak

Going to an art gallery is quite an experience even if you do not take any art home. It stimulates the vision and mind. But if you do not have the time to physically go to an art gallery, you can call it to you. With this blog you can experience the visit of an art gallery sitting at you home and enjoy quality fine art sitting at your couch. Through this blog you can know about all the exhibitions that are planned in the future so that you can mark your calendars and never miss a priceless painting. This blog showcases just a glimpse of the vast collection of paintings that you will find at Pradarshak gallery, Mumbai.

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