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Top 15 Hobbies Post of Last Month (May 2015)

1. Tale of Two Tomatoes

This blog by Shalini turned out to be a cooking blog but now it has evolved into much more. Along with cooking you will also find movie reviews, book reviews, rambling, life stories and more. This particular post is a book review. Shalini reviews ‘Capturing Wildlife Moments in India’ by Ashok Mahindra. You can also view some of the mesmerizing pictures clicked by Mr Ashok Mahindra, in the post, to get a taste of the book.


This blog is the world of Ashish Kumar. He lives in a world created by his own imagination. This is the place where he vents out all this thoughts and creativity. In this post, Ashish gives a few priceless views on life through quotes by him. There are three quotes in the post that will make you think and reflect.  In the blog you will find articles, poems in Hindi and English, memoirs and much more that will keep you captivated.

3. Rainbow Stamp Club

Stamp collection is a hobby that has been tried by almost everyone. This post is for those who have been able to keep up with the hobby after all these years. The post talks about the gem in stamps, The Penny Black Stamp. This is no ordinary stamp and can fetch you a huge amount. You can get to know all about it through the post. It talks about the origin of the stamp, the condition of it, its collectors and more.

4. Bringing Up Coco…

Gunjan, the blogger has an amazing talent of painting. She can create anything and put life in it. This post gives you two of her creations. The texture and strokes are to the point and the paintings speak for themselves. The blog is like a dairy of baby Coco and captures all of her cute little moments that he goes through. You can follow her journey and see the wonder of life growing and evolving.

5. A Homemaker’s Utopia..

Utopia is this perfect time in which everything is right and nothing is wrong. Also it is a time which cannot be achieved. But everything is possible on the internet and hence the blogger created her utopia through the blog. The post reviews the book ‘The Absolutely True Dairy of a Part-Time Indian. This book talks about the life of a Native American the blogger gives a summary, quotes and extracts from the novel.

6. Hobbies

Piku was an outstanding movie which broke all the norms of Bollywood and won the audiences heart. It depicted the heart worming story of a daughter and her father. They travelled from Delhi to Kolkata and the ‘Journey Song’ accompanied them throughout the trip. This song suits the blog as it tells you all about the tourism in many countries like Belgium, Canada, Netherlands and more. You can also stream music and check out music videos over here. You will also find some delicious recipes waiting for you in the blog.

7. One Mind, A Million Thoughts..

Nothing is more amazing that good company, long road and fun times. And if it is sponsored then you cannot miss it at all. The blogger, Lancelot Quadras, shares his experience of the Indiblogger meets in the post. You can check out all the crazy happenings of the time when 24 bloggers meet for a road trip. The post is accompanied by images so that nothing is left t the imagination. You can see him completing many challenges and having a fun time.


An artist can go to great lengths for a good photo. It may take days, weeks, and months to click that perfect moment. Janaki Nagaraj shares her astounding clicks with the world through this blog. The pictures capture the beauty perfectly. In this ‘Saturday Photohunt’, the blogger clicks a picture of some rare red flowers. She captures the majestic bundles of red beautifully. The picture brings out the textures and colours perfectly.

9. Subho’s Jejune Diet

We are told from childhood that we should give our 100% in every task. But scientists say that humans only use 10% of their brain. So are we really able to give our 100%? What is our limit? The blogger, Subhorup Dasgupta, raises these questions and tries to answer them. Children’s attention span is shorter, yet they learn faster than adults. The blogger raises these topics and guides you on how to perform at the peak.

10. Creat-E-Witty Unleashed

Unleash your inner craft hungry animal and check out this blog. You will find things such as crochet, cross stitch, embroidery, stitching, and origami and much more all in a single place. Every piece of work has been done by the hands of the blogger Preeti and hence she can guide you through every step easily. In this post you can see her crochet pancakes which she made with extreme love and care. The amazing pieces of work will inspire you to get your craft on.


This blog has everything you need to make your house into your home. It will help you add your personal touch to your house so that it reflects your personality. The blog offers cooking, backing, painting, gardening and all the other things you need to beautify your surroundings. You can also read motivational quotes to keep you going forward cheerfully. The ‘Party Themes’ section gives great ideas to make your party memorable.

12. My Thoughts They Are

Life is a journey in which you learn something new at every corner. Madhavi Adavi shares her thoughts and life with the readers in the blog so that she and the readers can learn life lessons together and evolve. The stories between her and her son are heart touching and will make you laugh. You will see her parenting journey and get to know all the challenges that one faces. You will also see why it is all worth it. The blog also has quotes, poems, rants, thoughts, advice and more.

13. M A G I C A L | W R I T I N G

The blogger Piyush Rishi feels the words and then uses them. He shares with you his personal life and views in the blog and writes about topics like love, life, nature, philosophy, devotion and the list goes on and on. He has also written a mini novel titled ‘Teenage Love Psychology’ that you can check you in the blog. You can expect some more awesome mini novels from him in the coming time. You can also read some motivational and inspiring quotes over here.

14. Metamorphosise

Life is very simple. It is us humans that make it complicated. The blog helps you untangle your life through short, simple moral stories that will captivate you and make you learn some very important life lesson. You are not the only one going through a problem. Thousands of people are feeling the same emotion as you right this second. By reading the stories you will feel like you are not the only one and others understand. You may also find a very simple solution to your complex problem.

15. Arjun Haarith

The blogger, Arjun Haarith, is a traveller. He loves to travel and then capture the moments forever. The pictures that he captures are breathtaking. He has a real talent and you should definitely check out his work. All his pictures will force you to say WOW. There are thousands of pictures in the blog but you will be left hungry for more.  He gives detailed summary of his travels so that if you want you can also go on the same path as him.

Arjun Haarith
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