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13 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re A True Fashionista!

Beauty and its jazz are fine to make people off their feet by the way of your dressing up. Many people think that being a fashionista is an easy task but matching tops and blouses with skirts and lower is one of the hardest decisions to make. Which outfit will complement your body is the trick to doing this easily. If you know yourself well then you can easily take the decision. May be you know the real style statement!

Here are the 13 facts which you can relate to your life if you are a fashionista! the things you will relate to as only these things make you all, the cream layer on the cake

13. Fashion Movies Relieve Your Stress

Coco before Chanel, The Devil wears Prada, Sex and the City are names of some movies which really help you to come out of the tension. You can see them and relax. You can forget about all your tensions of office, work, relationship etc.

12. You Imitate Rebecca Bloomwood

Confessions of a shopaholic are your favourite movie  and you sometimes start behaving like Rebecca. You start to imagine that you are Rebecca herself and start dressing, talking, walking like her.

11. You are always well dressed whenever you go out from your home

You are always in the best of dresses and light makeup whenever you step out of your home. And is always ready to be clicked by Paparazzi. You present yourself in the best way and that is why everybody keeps on looking at you.

10. There Is No doubt That Clothes Are your Best Investments

You think like this and don’t mind spending especially for those statement pieces!

9. Jealousy Doesn’t Affect You

There are some people who are always jealous of you but you care for it damn!! and are busy in deciding your dress and carrying on with your work.

8. You Can Splurge Your whole Salary On Your Favourite Designer Piece

That heart melting dress is any day better than the whole month’s food or electricity bill. So you can and will spend even your one month’s salary to purchase that.

7. You Are The Trend Setter

The dress which girls have started wearing today has been used and thrown by you long back. You start the new trends. You wear the dress of your choice. Every other girl follows you. You are the leader and don’t follow anybody.

6. You Have An Eagle’ s Eye For Good Stuff

You don’t bother about designer or brand. If You think the stuff to be matching then you will surely buy it, then you don’t care even for the price. You can identify the stuff only by looking at it.

5. Your Words Are The Authority For All Others

You are the attraction of every party. Your suggestions are like golden words for others. They listen to your words very carefully and try to follow. That is the reason that in any party you are surrounded by the girls and you don’t get the time even to get ready.

4. You Can Differentiate Between Fake And Branded 

You know almost all the tricks to make out the real status of any product. You have mastery over the material and look of every fabric.

3. You Have Been Used To Head Turner That Now You Find That Foolish

You don’t dress up to impress but that happens automatically. And you love this feeling too. You have been used to listening to the compliments always. So, now you find even to listen to that compliment as a foolish statement.

2. You Don’t Repeat Your Outfit. You Wear New Dress Every day

Your wardrobe is full of dresses and you keep on updating your collection. So, you don’t have to repeat any of them.

1. You Are Always Found With A Fashion Magazine

A fashion magazine is fashionista’s bible. You keep yourself updated regarding fashion by reading these magazines and show too.

Hope you must have related with these in your real life and enjoy being a fashionista!

13 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re A True Fashionista! was last modified: April 14th, 2020 by Pooja Sharma

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