10 Annoying Things Women Do When They’re Shopping With Their Husbands or Boyfriends!

Women just love shopping. But they are confused at what to buy. Every man has to accompany a woman for shopping. Reading a woman’s mind is impossible for men. This is a very bad habit of women for men. Men get irritated at following 10 annoying things that women do when they are shopping with their boyfriends or husbands:

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10. Their Man Is Always Carrying Shopping Bags For Them

They are the woman who always want to be followed by a man carrying shopping bags.

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9.  They Go Inside Every Store

They go inside each and every store so that they don’t miss on any of the deals.

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8. You Are Mistaken That They Love Your Choice 

It is a formal courtesy for which they ask you for your choice. Finally they will select the one which they will like and you were thinking that your choice is being valued!! Uff!

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7. They Take Meaningless Decisions

They buy a thing which is offered on greater discount like 60% and leave the more useful thing which is on a lesser discount like 30% but worth having.

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6.  You Must Not Wait Before Trial Room

Women take a lot of time in trying and looking themselves in mirrors. So, you will sleep if keep on waiting only for them to come out of it.

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5. They Will Keep On Roaming Around the Same Section

They will keep on roaming around the same place many times just to check whether they have left out on anything. Oh! come on, why don’t you choose faster!!

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4. They Want Your Compliments

If you are sitting outside trial room then you will not be able to do anything as they will come many times to ask about your compliments about the dress they are wearing.

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3. Online Stores Are Also On The List

If they are dissatisfied by the shopping they will try their hands on online stores too.

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2. They Could Not Find Anything For Herself But Going Out Empty Handed Is Disgraceful For Them

There was nothing for them but even then they have to buy something.

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1. Women Goes Crazy On ‘Sale’

Whenever woman listens to the word sale she goes crazy  about thinking for buying all the stuff for buying. After buying all the stuff also she remains crazy.

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Well, these 10 things you will have to face while you accompany woman for shopping. Identify these troubles of your life and troubleshoot them for happy relationship.

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