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8 Best Things SRK Taught Men About Love Very Clearly!

Why is Shahrukh Khan the king of Bollywood romance?

Why his signature pose is the most common pose to propose the girl on valentine’s day?

source: dailymoss

Girls! He taught your boys and men the ways to love you!

Here are the 8 Best Things SRK Taught Men About Love Very Clearly!

8. Love has no expiry date ever!

He believes that you should love someone till your last breath. Then, either you have to fight to girl’s father or her angry nature!

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7. Which girl love silent and angry type man?

Every girl loves the goofy man with stupid, foolish and cute things they do for their girls to make them laugh!

source: oyehoye

6. Love is not all about to marry her and get her in all ways!

Sometimes love wants your sacrifice. Not for your happiness but for you love’s happiness! That’s priceless!

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5. Who says that boys don’t cry?

Of course, boys do cry! Even boys should cry to know the value of tears. Sensitivity should always the part of every human- Boys too!

source: chrismartinbrasil

4. Even if your love is annoying, keep loving her till the end!

The boy should accept his girl the way she is. She is annoying or over emotional accept her just for the reason that you love her!

source: yeppudaa

3. Ego have no place in relationships!

In the movie ‘Devdas’, Deva lost the Paro because of his ego. Never let your love go so far that she will never return back.

Keep ego aside if you want successful relationships!

source: dailymoss

2. Surrender yourself to your woman if you love her!

Fear is very important in relationships. Be afraid of your woman- All in a positive way!

source: dailydigit

1. Romance does not start from bed always!

Romance have that sweet smiles, flirting, platonic modes. You don’t need to be Emraan Hashmi suddenly to show your romantic side!

source: tumblr

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