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Evolve The New Styles For Your Long Yard Sarees! Drape Your Saree The Contemporary Modern Way!!

You all young ladies are into the habit of watching tutorials of how to drape the saree!

You might have read the articles, on how to drape the saree in Bengali style, Gujarati style or Marathi style!

source: deccanchronicle

How is it to try some modern styles of draping sarees? Stylish, trending, stunning and gorgeous new styles!

Evolve The New Styles For Your Long Yard Sarees! Drape Your Saree The Modern Way!!

# Saree with the crisp of the belt!

Just like the kamar bandh, you can add the lovely and beautiful crisp of the belt with your saree!

Of corse, young ladies, this is annoying but the belt will perk-up your saree instantly.

Try to go with contrasting colors or matching with your blouse or saree!

source: pinterest

# Matching belt with the saree!

This is the modern style to drape your saree.

A simple belt can give the lovely definition to your waistline and can make it look sexier!

source: luxemi

# Idea of denim with saree! Annoying yet very sexy!

It’s annoying, but it’s the super cool style to drape the saree!

Its easy and very simple trick to modernize your traditional saree.

No need of matching underskirt, just drape it and set your plates and pallu. It will take 30 seconds to drape the jeans saree!

source: nidamahmood

# Criss- Cross modern style of saree!

Give an instant perk to your normal hanging palla.

Criss-Cross your palla and set it with the sexy matching belt.

You can try this style to give your normal saree a modern western look!

source: makeupandbeauty

# Matching printed leggings with saree!

In this modern style, saree draping remains the same, but the denim style will be changed to printed leggings style!

You can try, matching color leggings, contrast leggings, bright colors leggings or any printed leggings that look sexy with your saree!

source: runwaysandrattles

# Saree with a shrug or a blazer!

Even if you are not feeling cold, style your saree with blazer or shrug in the modern look.

A blazer or a shrug is the classy wears you can try on your saree!

You can bring some colors, contrast or shimmer to your normal and traditional saree.

source: emirates247

# Elegant and classy look of saree- the knot in the saree!

Very chic style modern look of the saree!

You can tie the knot at the end of the palla of your saree or tie it near your waist to give a sexy definition to your waistline!

source: g3fashions

# Drape your palla around your neck!

Drape your palla around your neck to give your saree the modern look!

You can even go with deep-neck sexy blouses because you got the chance to flatter your back and neck!

This is called the- Modern contemporary style of saree.

source: thebclothing

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