Feeling Hungry In Office! Apply 11 Healthy Habits To Avoid Weight Gain At Workplace!!

Every woman is trying to lose weight. Only exercising will not help. You will have to watch out your eating habits too. At home you can cook some healthy snack but when at the office this is not possible. When you are under stress then also you find junk food as the stress buster. This prevents office going women from weight gain. Here is the list of 11 healthy eating habits which will avoid weight gain at workplace:

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11. Have A Sound Sleep At Night

Our body crave for junk food when it is tired. A good night sleep can help you in keeping your energy level high. It will avoid temptations that your colleagues might offer you.

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10. Don’t Give Up Before Peer Pressure

Don’t give up your healthy eating plan before your friends. Instead of grabbing a pizza instead of salad encourage them to join you in the process.

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9. Keep Up Your Energy Level

If your energy level is high you won’t have any temptations. Decrease intake of Caffeine and increase water intake.

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8. Sugar Is Like A Devil

Reduce your overall sugar intake. The more you will consume, the more will be the demand. Instead of consuming donuts, chocolates etc. opt for naturally sweet fruits.

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7. Include More Fruits And Vegetables In Your Diet

Instead of skipping meal include fruits and vegetables in your diet. This will not only provide you with necessary nutrients but will keep you fuller for the longer time.

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6. During Night, Drink Carefully

Avoid late night drinking as it increases the temptation to have junk food.

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5. Have Courage To Decline The Offer

You have to show the courage of saying no to the offer of junk food. Nobody should be offended but if you don’t want to have sweets just plainly and simply say ‘no’.

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4. Eat Smarter During Periods

When monthly monster hits switch over to foods that are rich in potassium and iron. You can even take supplements before monthly periods.

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We find junk food comfortable while mood swings especially in an office where we cannot lie down and relax. You can have nuts and bananas to help cramps.

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3. Don’t Skip Breakfast

It is the most important meal. A good breakfast can take you a long way. Have a nutritious and heavy breakfast which will help you in not feeling hunger pangs before lunch hour.

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2. Always Carry Fibre Loaded Snacks 

Always carry  fibre loaded snacks to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Baby carrots, apples and nuts are rich in fibre and can boost your energy levels.

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Apples contain the high level of antioxidants. Nuts are the good source of protein and healthy fat and carrots contain vitamin A.

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1. Keep On Taking Small Healthy Meals

Prepare small lunches and healthy snacks in advance and take it to your office.

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Apply these in your life and prevent weight gain.

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