Look Slim And Gorgeous In Indian Outfits- Best Fashion Tricks!

It’s okay if you’re struggling with extra kilos or odd curves on your body! This is not to say that you will never wear sexy dresses and look slim. What is the point of wearing those strange, boring, and oversized dresses if you are in good health? With these fashion tricks, you can look stunning in sexy hot Indian dresses! You can flatter your style even if you are overweight or obese!

Just keep believing in yourself that you can do it! Regardless of what everyone says, you must attend the show, even with your curves and extra kilos. You simply need to choose the right fabrics, colors, textures, and styles. You will not believe the incredible transformation that has occurred within you.

Try some of the best fashion tricks for slimming down in ethnic and Indian wear. Indian and ethnic wears are both classy and elegant! Your extra kilos and fat may ruin the appearance of ethnic dresses, so try some tricks to look slim in them. With the right clothing, you can achieve not only a slim appearance but also a gorgeous figure! What if that look is just an illusion created by your body? Workouts and gym sessions will help you shed those extra pounds!

Till then, try some simple tips and hacks to look slim and gorgeous! Look Slim And Gorgeous In Indian Outfits- Best Fashion Tricks!

1. Play with different salwar to look slim

It is critical to keep your legs slim and narrow to appear slim. Puffed and loose always give you a bulky appearance. Always wear the slim-fit salwar and the narrow-fit salwar. Narrow salwar and slim-fit always make your waist appear slimmer. It makes the waist appear one size smaller than it is. It depends on the type of salwar you purchase. Some narrow fitted salwar gives the outfit a stylish trousers look!

Pair your slim-fitted salwar or trousers with trendy shirts and tees! You can also experiment with the accessories on the outfit. A slim belt can help you define your waistline!

2. Kurtas/ Kurtis can be a great option to look slim

Never wear body-hugging kurtas or tight-fitting Kurtis to look perfectly slim, as if you have a curvy or heavy body shape, you will look vulgar and strange in Indian wear! The kurta fabric should not be too clingy, and try to wear loose kurtas!

You can choose V-neck kurtas/Kurtis to give your body a longer appearance! To look slim, always wear cotton or silk clothing! To avoid embarrassment, always wear your kurta or Kurti far enough down to cover your bottom hips! If your bottom is heavy, keep the kurta loose in that area as well!

3. Right choice of fabric will make you look slim

The most important aspect of fashion hacks is the choice of fabric. The most important part of the perfect fashion hack, regardless of how it looks or what color it is, is choosing the best fabric. Remember that if you want to look slim and sexy, you should avoid wearing cotton, denim, and silk!

Remember, this will never highlight your extra body bulk or make you appear fat! Velvet or leather, on the other hand, will make your body appear bulky and chubby! When purchasing clothing, you should always keep certain fabrics in mind.

4. Saree adds the real glamour to Indian wear

To look slim in a saree, the two most important factors are the style with which you drape your saree and the fabric of your saree! It is sometimes observed that the lady is slim-figured, but due to the incorrect and heavy fabric of the saree, she appears to be a bulky strange Indian woman! So, choosing the right fabric is critical if you want to look gorgeous and slim!

Avoid purchasing heavy fabrics such as organza, silk, and cotton! These fabrics will give you a puffy appearance by adding volume to your body! Choose your saree fabrics wisely, such as chiffon, crepe, or georgette! This will instantly give the body the slim illusion!

5. Blouse plays a very important role in Indian wear

To give your upper body a slimmer appearance, and if you have a large bust, try printed blouses! Avoid embroidered or embellished ones at all costs. Your arms are the next and most important thing to consider. Never wear sleeveless blouses if your arms are flabby and heavy. First, the large bust and flabby arms will make your body appear bulky and gaudy!

For a slim look, always wear your blouse with sleeves. The choli is the same way. Your choli should have sleeves and cover your hips!

6. Some sexy trendy and updated styling tips:

  1. Dark clothing- Dark-colored clothing gives the appearance of being slim, even if you aren’t! This is due to their proclivity to conceal problem areas. Flab, on the other hand, is accentuated even more if you wear white or other light-colored clothing. As a result, it is preferable to wear dark and solid colors.
  2. Accessories- Don’t forget to accessorize properly to keep your slim figure. Bracelet watches and sleek bangles will make your arms appear thinner. Additionally, avoid heavy neckpieces in favor of statement earrings.
  3. Footwear- Another important factor in achieving a slimmer appearance is proper footwear. Stilettos are ideal for making you look ultra-chic in a saree, Anarkali dress, or Lehenga. Another option is to wear a lovely pair of pumps. The goal is to lengthen your body and make you appear more ‘in shape.’
  4. Hairstyle- If you want to give your face a slimmer appearance, avoid tying your hair and instead wear it loose. This hairstyle will not only make your face appear slimmer, but it will also add youthfulness to your overall appearance.

While these smart tricks will help you flaunt a lean and sexy body in all your Indian attires, don’t use them as an excuse to abandon your fitness routine. Simply follow these hack tools until you reach your desired weight.

Hope you find our article helpful. Enjoy your day 🙂

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