How To Choose The Perfect Blouse For Your Body Type?

Every girl in her childhood has at least once tried on her mother’s saree. Wearing bindi, lipstick, bangles, high heels sandals, and everything else. All females like this traditional ethnic garment, the saree! This adds a wonderful crispness to one’s personality and increases the grace factor! But the most significant aspect of wearing a saree is the perfect fit of its blouse!

The traditional ethnic wear- Saree- has a feature that if the blouse is ill-fitting, the entire ensemble loses its appeal and grace. No matter how gorgeous, costly, elegant, and ornate your saree is, if you are not wearing the blouse that is appropriate for your body type, it will destroy your look. Several aspects influence blouse choices. Your body type, height, trouble areas, even if you are a healthy lady, you must consider some crucial factors while shopping for a blouse.

There are several styles accessible today for designing your blouses. Sexy patterns can enhance your appearance, but choosing a blouse that fits your body type is also critical. Even if you wear an ill-fitting blouse, a saree will never bring elegance to your figure.

A blouse that flatters your body will always improve your look, whether you’re wearing a sari or a lehenga. We’ve created a selection of blouses for women with tiny frames and lengthy arms. Follow these guidelines to choose the ideal blouse.

Let’s check out the tips on how to Choose The Perfect Blouse For Your Body Type:

1. Blouse for the Small-Busted Figure

It’s perfectly okay if you are a girl with a small-busted figure, but still, you can trick that sexy, stunning, and gorgeous look of a perfect saree! No matter whether you have a small bust figure, you still have some cool and sexy options to flaunt your blouses with beautiful designs. Always remember that you need a blouse that gives you the fuller bust figure look to you.

Go for the blouses, that are well padded, blouses that have heavy work on the front, and a blouse that has a stone, zari, and heavy craft work on it! You have that leaning neck, that might not be so flaunting and appealing, try to cover up the neck with your blouse. You can go easy with- a halter neck, high neck, and collar neck. Plunging necklines help you show off strong shoulders without making them too clingy and define your bust line better.

  1. Draw attention to your arms, by making beautiful and creative sleeves.
  2. Pick the collared blouses with a high neckline.
  3. Try your hands on the halter neck or thin straps.
  4. You can also go for crop top type of blouses.
  5. Embroided patterns help you flaunt more.

2. Best-Fitting Blouse for the Top-Heavy Figure

You don’t need to put in any extra effort for your blouses. Congrats! You were born with a sexy top-heavy figure. You are not required to wear padded blouses or heavy work blouses. What you should remember is to avoid wearing padded bras and blouses, as well as heavy work blouses with stone or fancy work on them.

With your almost top-heavy figure, these types of sarees and blouses accentuate your bust area and may appear strange! To avoid looking odd in a crowd, go for a simple blouse with minimal work and design your blouse to be the sexiest ever.

  1. You can go for blouses having a sweetheart neckline with ruffle sleeves.
  2. It is best to avoid fabrics that come with heavy work around the neckline.
  3. It is best to pick a fabric that is either a simple, block color or something that comes with really light work.

3. No Need to Worry About the Blouse Styles with the Slim-Athletic Figure

Girls with slim-athletic figures don’t have to worry about anything! With your good fortune and figure, you can wear any type of blouse you want. Be it padded or without pads, if you wear the padded one, it will go easy yet very sexy with your figure, and if you wear the blouses without pads, it will also make no difference in your looks!

You will look stunning in either case. You can experiment with some sexy blouse styles, designs, and cuts! Noodle straps, corset style, halter necks, and long-sleeved blouses can all look great on you!

4. Awesome Tips for Broad-Shouldered Figure

Nothing to be concerned about. Girls with broad shoulders can easily flaunt their arms and back while covering their broad shoulders. Choose gorgeous blouse designs with broader necklines. Maintain short sleeves! You can even try backless blouses for a sexy and lovely look!

This way, you can conceal your broad shoulders while still showing off your styles, designs, and looks!

  1. Try to wear blouses with normal embroidery.
  2. Wear broad neck blouses or backless blouses.

5. Trick some beautiful styles- for Voluptuous Figure girls

Simply conceal your figure by wearing full-sleeved or quarter-sleeved blouses. When you conceal your arms, you will eventually solve your problem. With long-sleeved blouses, you can still show off your style by wearing bareback blouses.

A simple small knot at the back of the blouse can instantly add a crisp look to your outfit.


  1. Heavy embroidery always looks good on petite women. You can also go for padded blouses for a more casual look.
  2. Look for broad necklines if you have broad shoulders. Combine them with chord piping to achieve the ideal fit.
  3. Thin straps, long sleeves, and wider necklines flatter hourglass figures. You can also try out lighter fabrics to show off your curves.
  4. Sleeveless blouses should be avoided if you have large arms.
  5. Long sleeves and three-quarter lengths are a good match for long hands.
  6. Choose a longer blouse to hide belly fat. To make a statement, experiment with asymmetrical drape or jacket styles.
  7. If you have an athletic body, you can choose halter necklines and even noodle-strap blouses that flatter your figure.

So, the next time you go to a boutique to have a stylish blouse tailored for yourself, keep these pointers in mind. And prepare to turn heads with a flawless saree-blouse combination.
I hope you found this article helpful. You can also read our previous articles by clicking here. GOOD LUCK SHOPPING!

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