7 Problems Only Tall Girls Will Understand!

Being tall comes with some perks like- Changing the bulb from a ceiling, watch the concert from the back row, you might have a good collection of flats and only flats! Hehe haha

With tall height comes annoying and weird issues that only tall height girls have to deal with. Here are the 7 Problems Only Tall Girls Will Understand!

#1 Finding A Guy Same As Your Height Is Tough!

First, tall guys are hard to find. Second, when you find them, they cut your opinions in half. It’s tough to find a tall guy and when you got him, you feel like- What you expected and what you get?

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#2 You Can Easily Read People’s Messages And Can Search Their Scalp!

You are a tall girl and you can easily read other’s messages standing just behind them. You can search someone’s scalp because you are tall enough to see what’s there on their scalp. It feels bad to get so personal with other’s scalp! It’s weird!

#3 You Are Tagged As A Selfie Taker Of Your Group!

When it comes to taking selfies of the group, everyone instantly hands you a camera to take the selfie because you have long arms. You have no option

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#4 People Believe That You Are A Sports Person!

You are tired of telling people that you are not a sports person. Because of your tall height, they assume that you are a basketball player or an athlete! You are tired of saying that you don't play a million sports!

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#5 Why Don't You Try Modeling?

Just because you have tall height, people ask you to go for modeling. Getting long legs doesn't mean that you are just born for modeling. Can't tall girls be doctors? Or engineers or can go for teaching profession?

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#6 Your Jeans Usually Turn Out To Be Short And You Hate This Thing!

It's hard to find jeans for winters that cover your full legs. When you buy jeans usually it turns out to be short that you can wear in summers. Finding full-length jeans take extra hard work while shopping. You just simply hate finding proper jeans!

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#7 Wearing Heels Is A Nightmare!

You think that if you will wear the heels what will happen to your height? Will you be able to touch the sky? What people will think of you? There are cute and beautiful heels in the market but instead of picking any heels, you have to go with flats again!

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# Family And Friends Especially Call You When They Need Something From High Up!

It's embarrassing! Your family and friends especially call you when they need something from high up! That means people miss you for your height and that's weird!

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