10 Reasons How Your Elder Sister is Your Bestie!!!!

You fight, you argue and you can embarrass each other like no one ever could, but deep there lies a sense of comfort and trust that you’ll always be there for each other no matter what. Having an elder sister is like a constant support, you can own all her cool stuff and try them whenever you want or sometime you can get a hearty piece of advice that will make you shine even more. Here are the 10 Reasons How Your Elder Sister is Your Bestie and you can literally cherish these things all your life.

1. She’s The Stylist Behind You Fashion Evolution Throughout The Years

She’ll keep you updated regarding all the latest trends and is the one with whom you like to play dress up the most. She knows all your flaws and will advice the best outfit for you.

2. You Share Your Deepest Secrets With Her

You can rely on her emotionally, hence there’s not a single thing you haven’t shared with her. You know she will not judge you like others at all.

3. She’s The Savior When You Make A Mess

She saves you from every mess you have ever made. She had saved you zillion times and that makes her the savior of your life.

4. She Saves You From Mom When She’s Angry

She plays the role of mediocre between both of you and often shares a big part of anger from mommy just to keep you safe.

5. She’s The One On Whom You Rely To Complete Your Assignments Or Projects

Since childhood, she has been doing all your project work and assignments without any acknowledgment. She’s the one who have spent sleepless nights when you were preparing for exams.

6. She Even Advice You In Case Of Your Relationships

She’s protective about you and that’s why she gives you the best advice on your relationships. She knows about you the most and can help you when you’re in desperate need of advice.

7. Her Wardrobe Is Something She Has Been Sharing With You Since Years

Her wardrobe is like a treasure chest for you and is a savior when you need to look your best. You has shared all her outfits with you even when she loved them the most.

8. She’ll Motivate You When You Need Her The Most

There are times when you need some boost up in your life and your sister will sense it the first. She will teach you lessons that no one in your life could ever teach.

9. She Understands You More Than Anyone Ever Could

Sharing most of the time together, she knows you the best. She knows your mood swings, she knows when you’re angry and she also knows how to handle your mood at certain times.

10. She Is Always There For You

No matter how many ups and downs are there in your life, she is there on your side. Always!!

Elders sisters are like a blessing in disguise. Tag your amazing sisters and show some love to them.

10 Reasons How Your Elder Sister is Your Bestie!!!! was last modified: April 7th, 2020 by Arihant Jain

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