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10 Weird things that Guys think about Periods!!

Ok, so it’s a bit difficult to understand the concept of PMSing and the way our body behaves every single month for a guy, but the only thing we expect from them is a little bit of sense and knowledge that won’t harm them that much as they think. We know boys, you totally wanna skip the conversations leading to periods and all but trust us, the women who bears all this shares the same community space with you and can be your mother, sister, girlfriend, best friend or whatever and this is high time you should come out of your state of mind which is definitely getting you to a totally unparalleled world.

1. That We’re Gonna Stain Everything

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Wake up call!! The staining scenario is quite rare and even if it does, it is going to harm our own clothing more than the things around. The only thing that a girl can stain is her own bedsheet while sleeping and it can easily be washed with a thing called detergent.

2. That Making Fun Of It Will Make Them Cool

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No joke on period can be as funny as your own underprivileged personality of not being blessed to be born as a girl. A woman who can give birth to you has a hell more resistant and the woman of whom you’re making fun of is your mother too from whom you came into existence.

3. Menstrual Cramps Are Not That Painful

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How about getting kicked off at the right place gonna hurt you then. Mind, if I offended you in this way but the truth is that if it’ll come to you, you may have known the scenario.

4. The Sole Reason Of Our Anger All The Time Is Because We’re PMSing

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PMSing does cause anxiety, mood swings, impatient behavior but sometimes we’re actually angry rather than just feeding those hormonal issues. So stop asking us this question everytime we go mad at you.

5. That Having Sex Is Forbidden When You’re On Periods

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Not really, and it completely depends on the mood, patience and the pain which a girl can go through. And even if you may find it gross, period sex is a very common thing and is not at all weird.

6. Touching A Tampon Or A Pad Is Just So Gross

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Made up of cotton and soft fabric, it’s not a piece of trash that will make you infected. An unused pad or tampon is completely a normal thing to touch or see.

7. That It’s Something We Should Not Talk About

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Wrong again!! Long time ago, talking about periods was completely a taboo which leads to several misconceptions, non-ethical beliefs for which it is necessary to talk about issues like these and acquire them into our conversations like a normal thing coz it’s completely a natural process. Hope you know that at least.

8. That Menstruation Process Has Nothing To Do With Them

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Yes, it has. A woman having periods will one day be the mother of your children and it is somewhere linked to the ovulation process that is linked to your periods. That lining of the uterus matters!! Got that?

9. That We Have To Bear This Every Single Month. Unbelievable!!

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Exactly, every month and around a particular date. Have you ever even considered taking Science class when you were in school cause asking such questions to a girl is definitely shows the level of your dumbness.

10. How Does A Pad Resist The Blood Flow Entire Day?

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It can, and FYI we have to change it after every 6 hours. Also, it is made that way to conquer such deals.

Boys, Take Note!!

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