10 Inspirational Style Ideas For Girls Who Love Deepika Padukone’s Style !!

A southern lass Deepika Padukone’s Style Secrets are what every Indian girl wants to know, ever since Deepika dazzled in her debut the leggy lass never looked back ever since. Deemed as the most beautiful, talented and stunning actress of Indian Cinema, Deepika is a fashion and style icon followed by the larger bunch of youth. This Bollywood bombshell is capable of setting the whole ramp on fire with her elegant style and fashion sensibility. Whether it’s a gown or an Anarkali dress Deepika dons it perfectly almost every occasion. Thanks to her superb figure, Deepika carries every thing quite effortlessly whether it is pair of shorts, a slim skirt or a traditional saree.

Gorgeous smile and toned body are hallmark of her style statement. But what else can her fan girls could do to have a glimpse of Padukone’s magic in terms of style.

1. Don’t stress be an Easy Chic


Chic style is very in when it comes to this beauty’s airport looks. Add black, white, and neutrals in clothing, saving color for a bold statement accessory such as an alligator skin purse or a bright lipstick. Chic Style Type’s wardrobe you’ll find sleek, modern shapes and of-the-moment accessories because chic style is Deepika Padukone’s Style .

2. Slay in SAREE

One has to admit that no other actress can slay in saree as much as Deepika. Whether draping saree on red carpet or being renowned  for her cobalt blue chiffon saree from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani  which became the trend-setter arising out of Bollywood. Believe me each school girl dreamed of draping the similar piece for farewell during that time.

3. Hottie Hot Pants

This is one of the most stylish and glomorous avatar of Deepika Padukone’s Style . She had wore it almost every movie be it Housefull, Break Ke Baad, Love Aaj Kal, Karthik Calling Karthik and Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Girls go beat the heat in this avatar of Deepika.

4. BLACK is bae

When it comes to Deepika Padukone’s Style black is her bae. From incorporating black color in her airport looks (most of the time) to wearing in other public appearances. Deepika proves that whether its day or night black will never leave you alone.Its bold, its chic, its hot, it’s the New Black.

5. Nostalgic middle partings (hairstyle)

When was the last time you saw such a straight middle parting on a common woman? It’s considered to be too old style, right? But look at how Deepika Padukone pulls off this look in a gorgeous manner. Slight waves towards the end and a straight middle parting right through, keep this look intact.

6. Ace it like Deepika in a neat Pony

Deepika Padukone is a woman who can haunt your every dream. Another hairstyle which this beauty pulled off is ponytail with ease, the perfect length at tying it up, the not-so-messy look. A marvelous hairstyle to try out even on a bad-hair-day. This works wonders on all hair below shoulder length. So don’t shy away to make a pony on bad hair day in Deepika Padukone’s Style .

7. Keep it simple!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Said by the famous Leonardo da Vinci that this graceful actress inherits within. Not overdoing and keeping the look short and simple is Deepika’s style mantra. As there is beauty in simplicity and that is Deepika Padukone’s Style .

8. Accentuate your features

Features of a girl are her biggest asset , then why not highlight them. Deepika has one of the most beautiful and sharp features which she never fails to accentuate and yes those looks do kill!!

9. Confidence

About her style mantra she says that it is not wise to follow every fashion trend blindly. She says that trends keep changing but you should not forget your personality and confidence level and dress accordingly. She likes clothes that accentuate her features and keeps her makeup slightly understated. After all ‘’Confidence is the best accessory of a women”. Smash it Deepika Padukone’s Style .

10. Know your Body Type- Deepika Padukone’s Style

When it comes to dressing don’t forget to know your body type. As Deepika Padukone having hour glass body shape ; she never forget to dress up according to that. Which is why she looks good in every outfit she wears. Body shapes are of rectangle, hour glass, pear, apple etc and are an important factor in making outfit decisions.

Well my friends, keeping all of this in mind would not only lead you to a step closer to 10 Style Ideas For Acquiring Deepika Padukone’s Style but would provide you with better dressing sense and of course increase the confidence within you. Go work on it and SMASH it girls!!

10 Inspirational Style Ideas For Girls Who Love Deepika Padukone’s Style !! was last modified: April 6th, 2020 by Anamika Singh

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