25+ Latest Churidar Neck Designs in 2022

Whenever it comes to a suit, especially an Indian or Pakistani suit for a lady, Churidar Suits have always been atop the list. They have something special, yet something really unique in them that makes those suits even more attractive than the rest of the suits available in the market. The Churidar Neck Designs have been more frequently asked by women shoppers and it’s something that more and more women are turning to. In this blog, we are going to see some of the most 

Churidar neck is conventional apparel for women these days. Though it appears to be folksy or ethnic wear, they can be adorned to grace any formal events or parties. It approves of being both sophisticated as well as elegant attire to put on. What really enhances a churidar neck design is its ability to catch everyone’s attention and the variety of neck designs that you can add to it. The Churidar Suit neck design is something that shows whether you’re giving justice to the look or not.

Here is a slick guide to ease your decision for choosing the best Churidar Neck Design to rock your new Suit:

1. Simple V-Shaped Neck Design

The simple V-neck design might seem to be old-fashioned but it never goes out of style. No design can match the comfort it brings to every woman out there. Keep it plungy or not, it won’t stop you from gracing it.

Accessorize your v-neck design Chudidhar neck designs with simple chains, and V-shaped pendants to enhance their look.

2. Simple U-Shaped Neck Design

This design may seem to be similar to round neck designs but it isn’t. It accentuates your curves perfectly. Having a deeper design may go wrong. Long sleeves or sleeveless go best with such neck designs. U-shaped Churidar Neck Designs may seem old, but they are exceedingly beautiful.

Accessorize your u-shaped neck designs with round necklaces or short pendants.

3. Simple Round Neck Design

The round neck design is one of the most traditional designs of running rounds in the market. It can be graced by women of all ages. It never goes out of style irrespective of the occasion. Its sleek design flaunts your collar bones. Women with broad shoulders should avoid this. You must not confuse the simple round neck design with the U-shaped Chudidhar Neck Designs.

4. Closed Neck Design

Closed neck designs go well for all women of all sizes. You can enhance the look by adding buttons or having a collar. It is an appropriate choice for a formal or casual look. Adding this to your wardrobe collection is something you won’t regret. The closed Churidar neck design looks stylish on the modern Kurtis.

5. Collar Neck Design

Adding a collar to your churidar can never go wrong. It looks best on v-shaped neck designs. Buttons can accentuate the look. It can be a great choice for office wear. Long sleeves look best with collar neck designs. These Collar neck designs can go from modern ones to the Anarkali suits as well.

6. Scoop Neck Design

A scoop neck design gives an illusion of a longer neck. It also makes shoulders look broader. Chokers go best as accessories for scoop neck designs. Heavily busted women must avoid this design.

7. Cowl Neck Design

Cowl neck designs are the best option for busty women. It accentuates your curves. The extra draping cloth is trendy for both formal as well as casual wear. Accessorizing it with round necklaces or chokers never goes out of fashion.

8. Halter Neck Design

Halter neck designs bring a modern vibe to the traditional Churidar Neck Design. It goes well with sleeveless churidar neck designs too.

9. Boat Style Neck Design

Boat-style neck designs are go-to formal wear. It highlights your neck. The oval shape of the neck design makes it look more elegant. It suits women of all sizes. The boat-style neck design is the one that would definitely enhance your beauty. This design won’t go well with a Chunni. Hence, make sure you wear this Chudidhar Neck design without a shawl or Chunni.

10. Asymmetric Neck Design

Asymmetric neck designs are really trendy. It makes you look casual as well as stylish at the same time. Buttons and Doris make it more elegant. The Asymmetric Churidar neck design may be the one you should definitely wear on your dates or family functions.

11. Button Down Neck Design

Detailing your neck design with buttons never goes wrong. Adding a collar is a cherry on top. Button-down neck design works best for formal wear.

12. Jewel Style Neck Design

Jewel-style neck designs give an illusion of wearing jewellery. Neck accessories are a big no with these designs. Suits well on curvaceous women.

13. Turtle Neck Design

Turtle necks are a combination of high neck and closed neck designs. Adding a collar to the design can be a great choice. No accessories are the best way to accessorize this design. Works well as casual wear.

14. High Neck Design

High neck designs are actually closed neck designs from behind and end with a v-shaped or plunging neck design in the front. It works best for traditional and ethnic looks. It looks best on curvaceous women. Others can give it a try too. Adding buttons or embroidery in the front can enhance its look.

15. Sweet Heart Neck Design

Its plunging look accentuates your busts. Embroidered or lace neck designs can have a good impact. It looks good on women with heavy busts.

16. High Collar Neck Design

A high collar neck design can never be the wrong choice for a traditional look. It highlights the neck.

17. Keyhole Neck Design

It resembles a jewel-style neck design. Only the design isn’t centered. Adding Dori or yokes can give a good touch to the design.

18. Square Neck Design

Square neck designs are the most preferred Churidar neck designs. It highlights the collar bones efficiently. It also makes your shoulders appear broad. In short, it efficiently defines your body structure.

19. Angrakha Neck Design

The Angrakha neck designs are quite an old style brought back to the trend. In this, one fabric overlaps the other. Adding a collar or Doris enhances the look of the neck design.

20. Illusion/Netty Neck Design

It is popular among the trendy looks due to the modern vibes it brings. Works best as party wear. Don’t want to carry accessories? This one is the best choice. Having it embroidered or lace can be a good idea too.

21. Embroidered Neck Design

Who doesn’t love embroidery? Embroidered neck designs have a reserved special place in every woman’s wardrobe. They go well with additional collars or buttons. Also, they can never go out of fashion.

22. Yoke Neck Design

This design includes an addition of a patch of fabric in contrast to the Churidar Neck Designs. It brings vibrancy to the attire. It will be a great choice for office wear.

23. Slit Neck Design

A little slit brings no harm. This design is perfect for formal wear. A combination of a button-down Churidar neck design with a slit is always a good choice. It suits women with petite bodies.

24. Piped Neck Design

Piping your neck design can never go out of style. It is one of the oldest designs yet proves to be trendy. It can make a simple Churidar Neck Design fashionable.

25. Chinese Collar neck design

This design is the epitome of perfection when it comes to formal attire. It highlights your shoulders and neck.

So these were some of the Latest Churidar Neck Designs. Let us know how you liked them.

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