Top 10 Destination Wedding Venues in Tamil Nadu

A destination wedding is a wedding held away from one’s home town, but there is more to destination weddings than that; it is all about making your special day more special. A destination wedding allows couples to host their wedding in a unique location of their choice. These weddings need a lot of planning and organizing, but it all pays off with happiness and satisfaction. 

Many people like to marry in a dream place far from their homes instead of nearby banquet halls. The couple, family members, and guests go to the wedding venue, and the wedding ceremony would take place there. 

Many different types of venues like hill stations, forts, resorts, hotels, palaces, and even beaches are preferred by many people who wish to plan their weddings at a perfect destination. There are many beautiful wedding destinations in India, especially in Tamil Nadu, and there are hundreds of people that come every year to get married.  If you want to make your wedding unforgettable you should hire wedding photographer to capture this day in your memory. 

Here are the top ten destination wedding venues in Tamil Nadu. 

1. Chennai

A wedding by the sea would leave any couple ecstatic. Tamil Nadu has a long stretch of coastal areas with many beautiful beaches. In Chennai itself, you will get some fantastic beach wedding venues at places like Marina Beach, Elliot’s Beach, and Golden Beach. 

You can even find many resorts near the beaches if you want to host your wedding and reception at the resort after the big ceremony. 

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2. Ooty

From nature walks in the gardens to its beautiful culture, it makes one wonder whether Paradise is on earth. It also makes an amazing place for a dreamy destination wedding. 

The place has many peaceful resorts that are well experienced in hosting proper destination weddings. The place is filled with positivity and greenery, and if you are someone who loves fresh air and starry skies, then the place is perfect for you. You will love the place.

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3. Mahabalipuram

It is the most popular tourist destination, which is on the outskirts of Chennai. You can even find many resorts near the beaches to provide facilities for a wedding ceremony and reception. 

The most significant benefit of having your wedding reception in a popular tourist destination is that your guests would have a great and fantastic day during the big ceremony. The Great Bay and the Chariot Beach are the most popular venues in Mahabalipuram for organizing a dream wedding. 

4. The Backwaters of Tamil Nadu

The place is a very gentle and agreeable destination of Tamil Nadu. The backwaters have many small resorts around here and there in its neighbourhood which is perfect for holding your wedding.

The gentle sound of the water and that unforgettable sight of the rays of the rising sun hitting the water added to the beautiful ceremonies of a Tamil wedding and made it more wonderful than ever. Nowadays, many couples want backwaters to form the background of their wedding venue. Thus, make sure you book such venues in advance.

5. Coimbatore

Coimbatore or Kovai has many green hills, broad ghats, and the state’s most amazing and beautiful waterfalls. When you enter the place, you will find the beauty and magnificence of the environment. 

You will love the place for hosting a destination wedding. The place is full of peaceful hotels and resorts, which are perfect for hosting the processional event. 

6. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is the hill station’s princess, and it is mainly known for being a destination wedding among all other places in India. 

It is located in the hills of the Dindigul district in the state of Tamil Nadu. Many local towns have beautiful flower gardens and embracing vibes to themselves. The place is perfect for destination weddings as it has many hotels and banquets that are very professional when it comes to events.  

7. Madurai

It is another trendy place where many people from all around the world come to get married. The location is also very easy to access, so you will not have difficulty reaching there and returning. It is known to host a fantastic wedding ceremony throughout the year. 

The Meenakshi Temple is full of hundreds of couples and their respective families during the wedding season. In fact, people wait in line to get married at this temple!

8. Yelagiri

It is a very beautiful hill station located in the Vellore of Tamil Nadu district, and it is a little bit off the VaniyambabiTirupattur road. 

The hill station of Yelagiri is an amazing place for a hill destination wedding. Every year many people plan their destination wedding at Yelagiri and their hill stations. There are many small resorts at the hill station, and the place will be perfect if you like hills and want to plan a very small destination wedding with only your close loved ones. 

9. Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is not just a preferred destination for tourists across the country but also for the brides and grooms of the state. This place is gradually coming up on the list of couples in Tamil Nadu as they are looking for offbeat destinations.

The demand for Kanyakumari among the couples stems from the fact that the place has a number of luxury resorts and hotels that form the perfect setting for a beautiful Tamil wedding. 

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10. Thanjavur

Thanjavur is as beautiful as all other cities of Tamil Nadu, but the destination is mainly popular for the Brihadeeswarar Temple. 

It is an iconic place in the city to get married because of the traditional and religious significance of the temple. People believe that the spiritual aura of the temple creates a positive impact on the life of the newlyweds.

Ending Note

These were the most popular destination wedding places in Tamil Nadu. Aren’t you excited to select one of these places for your own wedding? But before you finalize your dream destination wedding, let’s help you find your dream partner, shall we? Install any Tamil Matrimony app today and create your profile to find some excellent matches, with shared likes and interests. You can find a life partner to share your future, along with your dream wedding. Download the app today to get started on your wedding journey.

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