Top 30 Best Crochet Top Patterns To Hit This Summer

Of course, you can wear crochet all season. Are you, nevertheless, willing to wear crochet top patterns in the next upcoming summer season? 

It’s time to lighten up your wardrobe with these summer crochet top patterns when summer arrives. Whether it’s handmade or you are buying, these crochets are a wardrobe must-have for all style lovers. All of these crochet top patterns that I have listed below are designed for hot summer days, so they’ll be breezy, light, and elegant and trendy to show off in your Instagram shoots. Just pair them up with one of your favorite bottom wear and go for it girl!

In this article, I have included 25 best crochet top patterns to hit this summer season. Check them out below!

1. Sunflower Off-Shoulder Crop Crochet Top Patterns

This sunflower off-shoulder crop crochet top pattern is just perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your outfit. Also, just pair some lightweight summer accessories to go with this top. Of course, you may easily customize the size of this crochet top pattern to suit your preferences. Also, a simple crochet pattern that not only becomes useful but also becomes very trendy to go for the summer. 

2. Scallop V Neck Tank Crochet Top Patterns

With its sleeveless design, and also with a scallop V neck this crochet top pattern is absolutely perfect for summer beaches and hot winds. The top looks stunning when worn with jeans and crocheted with light grey yarn. The scalloped V neckline adds to the beauty of the top, and the pattern is also very simple to make.

3. The Skylar Crochet Top Patterns

Of course it’s a Skylar tank crochet top but with straps and just the perfect summer top for beginning crocheters. This simple crochet top can be readily customized to fit any size or body type. The Skylar top with its ribbed body and also with braided tie straps, goes with everything and anything with your wardrobe. Combine it with high-waisted jeans for the summer days.

4. Crochet Lace Top Patterns

This is the Crochet Lace Top Pattern, which drapes over the body in the most lovely way possible. Pair this one-piece crochet top with a tank top or camisole inside. Also, you can wear it on a beach day and in an evening summer as the night cools and you spend time with your family and friends.

5. The Shell Crochet Top Patterns

The delicate crochet shell top is a throwback of the 1990s. It has a front tie with padded or no padded that ensures your bra is entirely covered. Moreover, wear it on a beach day and look sexy, hot and stylish as well.

6. Country Festival Crochet Top Patterns

When the weather starts to heat up, you’ll want to wear something light and unique, this unique crochet top pattern will be ideal for you this season. Furthermore, It has a stunning appearance and will add a layer of comfort to your chest. It’s made up of the softest yarn available and also very ideal for the summer months. Also, it has a bra cup inside the top pattern using the lined fabric to prevent the pattern from stretching.

7. Crochet Shawl Boho Top Patterns

Of course you know summer days are much hotter but summer nights are a little less cooler with winds. Hence, try this Crochet Shawl Boho Top which is just perfect for layering over a lovely summer outfit on a summer night. Also, this shawl is crocheted in the shape of a triangle that starts at the base of your back and expands outward. Check it out below!

8. Crochet Halter Top Pattern

This is an easy design that makes a stunning crochet halter top that you’ll love to wear all summer. Check out the maroon color crochet halter top below with a belt tie!

9. Crochet Summer Boho Top Pattern

This Crochet Boho Top is absolutely perfect for summer festivals or simply lying on the beach on a hot summer day. Also, this summer top is one of the most beautiful and well-made crafts for the season. Also, this crocheted boho top would look great with denim shorts, casual jeans, and mini skirts.

10. The Juliette Crochet Top Pattern

This Juliette crocheted top is just so ideal for your summer adventures. Also, the design is very easy and simple. If you are looking for an easy breezy top, just go for it girl!

11. Canyonlands Boho Crochet Top Pattern

If you wanted to look like a free spirit with an ultimate summer look, then match a breezy Canyonlands boho crochet top with an undergarment or cami and a pair of shorts. Just go with it!

12. Crochet Alfresco Top Pattern For Summer

The solid and lacey stripes of this crochet alfresco summer top, which is also quite attractive to look at, and stylish as well. Moreover, it will be ideal for summer fashion and will become everyone’s new favorite top. Try out this wonderfully breezy and lightweight crochet top in summer and look amazing!

13. Crochet Lacy Motif Top Pattern

The Crochet Lacy Motif Top is very gorgeous and also very comfortable to wear. Try out this beautiful top and get compliments from everyone!

14. Scrunch Crop Crochet Top Pattern

This scrunch crochet crop top is just perfect for a day at the beach or your next summer event. Moreover, just grab this top with a pair of shorts or mini plaid skirt with some minimal accessories and go on with it! 

15. Caron Summer Breeze Crochet Top Pattern

Beat the summer heat in style with this breezy Caron crochet summer top that you can make at home easily or buy at a cheap price. Furthermore, he great color changes are thanks to the Caron Cakes, and this is one of the most beautiful crochet tops ever made!

16. Saltwater Taffy Crochet Top Pattern

You’re going to love this salty taffy top if you’re seeking for a beautiful crochet top to wear this summer. Also, wear this amazing top with a pair of jeans and go easy breezy and feel the cool air in the summer freely! 

17. Crochet Sherbet Top Pattern

Hey Ladies, you will absolutely love this top which comes in a variety of amazing yarn hues. Also, this top is light and breezy, and it’s a very simple crochet design. Just crochet this design with your favorite colors of yarn and of course, impress all the style conscious ladies for sure!

18. Cable Stitch Cropped Hoodie Crochet Top Pattern

This warm crochet crop hoodie top is ideal for a summer evening. Of course, summer evenings are cool and windy, you can even catch a cold. No need to worry anymore! Moreover, just pair this top with a jegging or your favorite bottom wear and rock the evening stylishly! 

19. Boho Chic Crochet Crop Top Pattern

Do you want to spice up your summer wardrobe with a little more style? Obviously, for style lovers, we have a lovely boho chic crochet top pattern. Check it out!

20. Marley Lace Crochet Top Pattern

Do you have a lacey fashion addiction just like me? If yes, then you’ll adore this Marley lace crochet top, which is quite charming and lovely and comes in Yarn’s dark colours. The pattern is quite complicated and also needs expert skill levels to crochet. Crochet this beautiful top in your favorite dark colors and wear it on a hot summer day and stay fabulous!

21. Ruffled Crochet Wrap Top Pattern

This handcrafted crochet top has ruffled sleeves which are my absolute favorite. With this simple pattern, you can make your own elegant and also adaptable ruffle-sleeve crochet wrap top and gorgeous in it!

22. Festival Fancy Vintage Crochet Top Pattern

A vintage style for summer tops that is both attractive and simple to make. This will look great with jeans, skirts, or even maxis. As it is a stylish and simple design and also comes in a variety of sizes and color combinations. This crocheted vintage top is just perfect for casual wear.

23. Lace Crochet Broomstick Summer Top Pattern

Check out this stunning broomstick lace crochet top, which is made up of two parts, one for the front and one for the back. To make this lovely crochet top, you’ll need to work in broomstick lace. 

24. Mermaid Crochet Top Pattern

This mermaid crochet top is absolutely gorgeous to look at and just perfect for a beach party wear if you are planning for it. This is a complex and stunning design for you if you want to make a beautiful fashionable crochet top!

25. Buttercup Crochet Top Pattern

This buttercup crochet top is perfect for regular use or as a swimwear cover-up. You could make several of these in various colors. Go for it girl!

26. Crochet Color Block Top Pattern

You will love this crochet color block top if you love different colors in one single piece. This is a beginner-level top design with several beautiful colors of yarn. Check this out below!

27. Crochet Summer Striped Top Pattern

Love stripes? Then why not for a classic styled Crochet Summer Striped Top. The front of the top has the chains that are tied together behind the neck, and the top goes all the way around. You can go for different colorful stripes for the summer classic wear.

28. Crochet Zig Zag Top Pattern

This pattern is like the Marty (the zebra) from Madagascar in zigging and zagging. Check out this beautiful zig zag top below crocheted in different colors and you will look stunning in it!

29. Crochet Floral Top Pattern

Of course, who doesn’t love florals? This lovely and colorful floral crochet top is simple to make for summer and will suit your personality very well. You can just combine different colors and make floral patterns that are different from the existing style.

30. Rainbow Crochet Top Pattern

Rainbow designs are everyone’s favorite no matter how you wanna style it. This is also the perfect gift option for your little girl even. Check out this rainbow crochet top below with bell sleeves and has been paired with a matching rainbow crochet short as well!


I hope this article helps you a lot in knowing different crochet top designs you can go for. If you love the crochet top patterns that I have listed above, then choose your favorite one and let me know in the comment section below! 

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