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Different types of Maheshwari suit neck design

Maheshwari silk fabric is a zari-woven blend of silk and cotton yarns. Previously, Maheshwari silk was to make sarees, but now, it includes clothes such as kurtas and dupattas. It is much heavier and more compact than Chanderi fabric. Maheshwari Silk Suit Fabric is a multi-purpose garment made of pure silk and cotton appropriate for casual and formal occasions. It is light in weight, making it easy to carry and maintain your charm. Here is a list of the neckline which is ideal for Maheshwari suits.

Classic Round Neck Design

A classic round neck design is a versatile neckline prefered by women of all ages. You can adjust the width of the round shape as per your requirement. You can go for a deep round to flaunt your beautiful neck.

Mandarin Collar Design

A Mandarin collar is a classic style that comes in a variety of variations. The collar can be broad or narrow, with or without a slit. You can include buttons for more details. Women are prefering this Chinese collar neckline for a more formal look on the kurti,.

Round Neck with Buttons

A round neck is a simple and classic design but adding buttons enhances the complete attractiveness of the dress. To draw attention to the kurta’s solid pattern, use different vibrant colour buttons.

V-Neckline Design

A V-shaped cut neckline is flattering for women with broad shoulders. Every lady wants to look ravishing in a deep neck kurta. They are comfortable and look great without making you work too hard.

The half-collar neck design

A half-collar neck design is more chosen for by women rather than a full-collar neckline. Kurti with this style neckline is trendy for women to look gorgeous. Choose contrast piping details on the neckline to enhance and add character.

Square neck Design

A square neckline is another classic neck design. It looks attractive and trendy on every type of dress. There are variations in the depth of the square shape. It is ideal for pear-shaped women because the neckline creates the illusion of a broader shoulder and balances out the wide hips.

Sweetheart neck design

A sweetheart design is one of the most chosen necklines for dresses. It enhances your body curves and makes you look feminine. It is ideal for women with slim frames and helps them appear curvy.

Betel Leaf shaped neck design

A leaf-shaped neck design is like a betel leaf with additional curve detailing. It has a pointed notch in the middle and is a little wider at the shoulders. It is a great traditional neck choice.

Boat neck design

A boat neckline is a neck design that is popular among women of all ages. It makes your shoulder appear broader. It is an ideal neckline for both casual and formal wear.

The key-hole style neck design

A keyhole neckline is another beautiful neck design you can try on your dress. It has the shape of a keyhole and can modify as per your necessity. You can go for a more in-depth hole for a casual look. For formal, go for a small with a button closure shape.

Short triangle cut neck design

A short triangle cut neck design is gaining popularity. It has a hint of casual and jazz with a shot v closure. You can add a contrasting colour loop for detailing.

Front dori Neck design

The look of a simple neckline enhances by the front dori. It appears stylish on heavy suits that have embroidery. For more detailing, use vibrant bright tassels with dori to magnify the beauty of the entire dress.

Wrap neck design with button

The wrap neck design is an inspiration from the traditional angrakha neck pattern. It has a very comfortable and stylish look with a v-neck.

Collared Neck Design With Slit

A collared neckline with a slit is a relaxing design for a suit set. It has a simple look covering your neck yet a cut to add a glimpse of the fashion detailing to the kurti.

Scoop neck design

A scoop neck is simply a deeper ‘U’ shape neckline. It has a wide neck with a deep curve that adds a lot of detail to your outfit. It is also one of the most popular suits neck styles.


Maheshwari silk kurti is available in a wide range of prints to suit women of all ages and sizes. It is appropriate for all kinds of occasions. You can style yourself using the neckline mentioned above. Your appearance enhances better by adding accessories which will make you shine in the crowd.

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