There are multiple types of clothing in the Indian tradition and Salwar suits are unavoidable among them. When it comes to salwar suits, the most favored aged type is the Anarkali Salwar suit. Indian women wear Anarkali suits without any hesitation on special occasions and functions. Although Anarkalis originated in Lahore, the capital city of Pakistan, it is mostly worn by Indian women. To stand out from the crowd, the designs of the Anarkalis are typically important. The back design is also equally important just like the front. Let’s see some of the best 30 Anarkali back designs which you can ever find!

1. Deep Scoop Back design

This is a  beautiful back design with Pom-poms hanging along with a string. It is a scoop or a raindrop-shaped back neckline which looks amazing. This design will be outstanding if you want it on any occasion.

2. Square back with strings

This design was famous in the 90s and is still trending now. It seems very elegant and beautiful with strings which also wear latkans. This design will be ideal for parties and festivals.

3. Deep sweetheart back design

The stunning back design has a geometrical outline with Strings attached to the shoulders. It looks wonderful and makes you look glamorous and desirable.

4. Round with scoop back with strings

This lovely design has a circle shape with strings attached. The string is attached to fabric triangular piece of cloth that makes the strings more pretty.

5. Diamond-shaped back

This is also another gorgeous design commonly ideal for green Anarkali suits with high decoration and threadwork. The diamond-shaped cut makes the Anarkali suit look more attractive.

6. Back with cut shapes

It is a beautiful back design for party wear designs. Attractive and embellished shapes are cut in the back of the Anarkali suits.

7. U – Shaped back design with embellishment

The U-shaped back design will be suitable and glamorous on any occasion. It is even relevant for brides, such designs are in trend currently.

8. Back with Buttons

A row of fabulous buttons attached to the back is seen in this design. The colorful button right from the neck collar to the waist gives the Anarkali suit a glimpse of beauty. The shiny buttons always attract the crowd to the Anarkali suit.

9. Round net fabric back design

The net fabric with embroidery can be seen at the sleeve part and the back. This design is spectacular and became popular recently. This design is suitable for both long and short Anarkali suits. Mostly, black, peach and red are used as the ideal colors for making the net fabric.

10. Geometric cut-back design

The Geometric cut design is one of the most elegant and simple designs on this list. Although it is simple, this design never makes a negative impact on the look of the Anarkali suit. It is also suitable for Kurtis and other suits.

11. Deep back Anarkali

This is a modern Anarkali design on the latest trend. Just like traditional designs, modern-day designs are also preferred by women. Anarkalis with this design is mostly worn by younger women at parties.

12. Cut with buttons Anarkali back

This is another fabulous design that looks elegant. Buttons are placed at the joint of the cuts. The look will be enhanced if we use differently shaped buttons like flowers and square diamonds.

13. Centered Square cut

This design is very unique and rarely seen compared to other designs as this design became popular very recently. Modern and young women prefer this design for party functions and many other occasions.

14. Bow and buttons back design

This design also falls under the list of modern Anarkali back designs. This design was released recently and is evolving to be the latest trend. The bows and buttons start from the neck down to the waist or half the way up to the waist. Unlike other common designs, this Anarkali suit design is very unique and will catch the attention of any person.

15. Brooch-style back

The brooch-type design is neither old nor modern. It can be commonly seen on festive occasions, weddings, receptions, and parties. A decorative piece of unique-shaped cloth will be hanging down from the string.

16. Cut Out Back Designs

You will look attractive in this customary Indian outfit. There are numerous amazing shape designs and cut-out examples that you can endeavor, such as square, triangle, and drop shapes. Any kind of shape will look gorgeous on the back of the Anarkali suit if it is fixed suitably by following the correct size and ratio.

17. Inverted hut shape neckline with hanging latkans

This is a simple and classical design that is worn by many women in India. It has beautiful hanging latkans attached to the string. This stunning design will give you a gorgeous look on any occasion.

18. Heart-shaped back design

Heart shapes represent love and devotion. The heart-shaped Anarkali suit design will make you look like a kind and loving person to people.

19. Multiple arc curve design

This design will also highlight your presence among the crowd. There are hanging pom-poms or latkans attached to the strings in this design also. It can make you look wonderful among other girls on occasions like parties and festivals.

20. Rectangular cut with strings

The rectangular cut will make the Anarkali suit astonishing. Even though hanging latkans are rarely seen in this design, the Anarkali suit will still be stunning.

21. Double-stringed U shape

This design is similar to the U- shape back neckline design. But this design has two strings instead of one. The strings may also be attached to decorative latkans. Anarkalis with this design will look spectacular in any kind of color and can be worn on any occasion.

22. Bow-shaped cut

Ribbons and bows always give dazzling looks to any female suit. Ribbons on keyhole cut designs will make it more attractive. This design is preferred by many women across India.

23. Deep U–shaped Back

U-shaped designs are now very common and can be seen in most functions and occasions, especially parties and receptions. This design will upgrade your beauty to the next level. Dangling latkans are seen also in this design along with other decorations.

24. Double cut with embellishments

This is another cute back design of Anarkalis. There will be two round-shaped cut holes, and the upper hole will be larger than the lower cut hole. Pom-poms are added to the strings to make the design more attractive. The design will be suitable for both short-sized and large-sized Anarkali suits.

25. Rectangle cut with double strings

This design is similar to the rectangular cut design, but in this case, the rectangle is much wider making the Anarkali more attractive. Two strings with decorative pom-poms or latkans are also seen in n this design. Any color will be a match for this design, especially red and black. The design is modern and is currently trending.

26. V-shaped cut design

V-shaped designs can be seen in both simple and decorative types. Mostly simple strings and decorations are used. Despite the simplicity, the suit will make you more attractive and will draw the attention of the crowd toward you. This Anarkali suit design can be worn at functions like parties, weddings, receptions, and festivals. The same design can also be used for Kurtis and Salwar kameez.

27. Arc shape cut with multiple strings

Arc-shaped cuts can be seen on any women’s clothing, especially on churidars, Kurtis and Lehengas. This design is now commonly seen also in Anarkali suits. Multiple strings cross each other on several points which gives the Anarkali a grand view. Mainly Black, Red, and Blue Anarkalis are seen with this design. Other colors can also be seen.

28. Halter neck anarkalis

Halter neck anarkalis are on a trend now. Having the collars up to the neck makes the person look elegant. This is a modern Anarkali design that is preferred by both modern and tradition-loving women. If you want to shine elegantly in the crowd. Halter neck Anarkalis will be a perfect choice for you.

29. Plain round cut

This design is for simple and classical Anarkali lovers. There will be a beautiful circle cut down just below the neckline. This design will be suitable for Anarkalis of any color and size. Choose this design if you want to get noticed by people.

30. Flower-shaped cut design

Flower-shaped cut designs are very unique. It is loved by both modern and traditional people. Any type of color will suit this design. Decorations can also be used to make the design more gorgeous.

I hope you like this article, you can also check other articles here. Happy shopping! 🙂

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