How To Shop For Jewelry Like A Pro

Shopping for jewelry can be tricky, especially if the shopper is new to locating the best finds. There’s a wide variety of jewelry in the market, thus the need to familiarize yourself with its materials, settings, and other details. Doing so will help you find what you’re looking for and avoid those that can be deceptive. 

So, whether you’re looking for jewelry to wear or give as a present, here are some tips on acquiring good quality jewelry even if you’re a beginner. 

1. Learn About Metals

Most jewelry brands similar to Mimi’s Jewelry will have diverse selections to suit various preferences. They’ll undoubtedly have high-quality pieces with different designs and materials. Some pieces of jewelry may be crafted from a combination of metals. It has to do with the metal’s capacity to take on a specific color and its durability. Here are some of the many metals employed by jewelers and the processes they apply to get the various colors.


Gold is an excellent choice if you’re searching for timeless beauty. Because of its scarcity and properties, gold is regarded by several civilizations as the most valuable metal for currency, and as a symbol of wealth and status. Gold’s purity is expressed in karats, with 24 karats representing absolute purity. A gold of 18 karats in quality comprises 18 parts gold and 10 parts alloy. If the gold-to-alloy ratio is 14:10, the gold is 14 karats. Additionally, you can achieve other colors by combining gold and alloy. 

  • Yellow Gold – is gold alloyed with zinc or copper. Consequently, this combination also strengthens the material.
  • Rose Gold – is a subset of the yellow gold class, it’s produced by adding a copper alloy to the mix.
  • White Gold – is created when gold is alloyed with any of the following: palladium, silver, or nickel. They can also carry a vibrant white finish when plated with rhodium. The color is maintained through replating.

Gold-Filled And Vermeil

In gold-filled jewelry, the gold is bound to a base material. The plating process gives vermeil a yellow or tin-gold color. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry that’s been crafted out of sterling silver and plated in gold. 


Polishing brings out the best in sterling silver’s innate white sheen. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to air causes it to tarnish. It can also be rhodium-plated to prevent oxidation and give the metal a silvery-white finish.


Platinum, the purest kind of metal, is also extremely dense. It costs more than gold. When it loses its shine, use polish to restore it. 

2. Avoid Plating If You Wear Jewelry To Sleep Or Shower

Gold jewelry diamond shop with rings and necklaces luxury retail store window display showcase.

Knowing the metals associated with jewelry, you would want to avoid plated pieces. Remember that if you frequently shower or sleep in your jewelry, it may be susceptible to rust and lose its value more quickly than solid gold pieces. 

Plating is the application of several metals to a jewelry piece. Keep in mind that even when rhodium plating is applied to certain jewels, their value doesn’t improve and remains unchanged. When plating deteriorates or becomes porous, the underlying metal may be revealed. 

3. Read The Product Descriptions

If you’re shopping online for jewelry, ensure that the customer page has a detailed product description. You’ll want to read the facts to help you make informed purchasing decisions. When products contain specifications, such as the type of gem and metal used, it’s easy to choose. For instance, if you’re looking for an engagement ring, you want to know whether it will suit you or the intended recipient. Likewise, if you’re going to buy a necklace, you’d like to see if the length is suitable for you. Thus, a product page must have accurate information.

Some product descriptions may also include valuable information, such as suggested occasions to purchase each piece of jewelry. Plus, they’ll post crystal clear images to entice customers to buy. 

4. Shop At Reputable Brands

Gemstones in jewelry may be natural, lab-grown, or synthetic. Today, natural and lab-grown stones are in high demand; thus, many jewelers manufacture jewelry with synthetic stones.

When shopping, you should visit well-known brands that don’t sell inferior products. Established names in the jewelry industry have long been doing business and are catering to the public with high-quality jewelry. They also offer cleaning services to ensure that the pieces are properly maintained. Alternatively, it’s possible to learn how to clean jewelry at home, but in the case of expensive ones, it’s best to have the store do the cleaning for you to avoid making mistakes.

In Conclusion

Choosing the proper jewelry is not solely based on appearance. You’ll need to learn more considerations to obtain value for your money. Over time, you’ll be capable of recognizing patterns and identifying details. So, seeking more ways to make mindful purchases helps in the long run when you’re growing a collection or giving presents to those you love. 

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