Personalise Your Wedding Décor with ManhattanNeons

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime occasions when two individuals come together as one flesh via marriage; they are remarkable celebrations of love, joy, and new beginnings. In pursuing the perfect wedding, every couple searches for unique ways to celebrate their love story and personalities. Using personalised neon signage is an excellent and modern method to do this. Custom neon signs from ManhattanNeons are the perfect way to make a wedding reception more unique and stylish. In this article, we’ll look at how you can add a touch of glamour and make a statement using Manhattan Neons as part of your wedding decor.

Why Choose Neon Signs for Your Wedding?

Combining modern aesthetics with nostalgic neon signs brought them back into vogue briefly. Their imaginations may run wild as they design new iterations of these colourful, multipurpose, and lucrative wares. There are several reasons why neon signs are perfect for wedding décor, such as:

Adaptability: Neon signs are perfect for boho, rustic, contemporary, or vintage weddings since they come in various sizes, patterns, and colours.

Personalisation: Brides and grooms can add a personal touch to their wedding decorations in a way that no other item can. By adding their names, wedding favors, essential words, or pictures, they can create a one-of-a-kind piece that shows their love and journey.

Photo-Worthy: Wedding pictures can take on a new look by adding neon signs. The bright colours and unique patterns will add life and inspiration to your big day and will be something people will never forget.

Reusable: Neon signs have long reminded people of the great day. The soft light of the sign might make you feel nostalgic and in love by reminding you of how much love and happiness were in the air on your special day.

Customisation Options with ManhattanNeons

Manhattan Neons gives you a lot of ways to make your wedding decorations memorable, just like your love story. Here’s how you can make their light signs unique for your wedding:

Text and Font: Choose from various fonts and text options. ManhattanNeons contains both traditional, graceful scripts and contemporary, strong fonts. Popular choices include the couple’s initials, names, or significant words like “Better Together” or “Forever Begins.”

Colors and Sizes: Select from an array of vibrant colours that align with your wedding palette. Neon signs can be crafted in sizes that suit different venues, from large statement pieces to more minor, subtle accents.

Shapes and Designs: ManhattanNeons lets you create forms and patterns other than text. Choose something representing your connection, like a heart or a ring.

Installation and Placement: Consider the placement of your neon sign. The proper placement can enhance the ambience, whether behind the sweetheart table, at the entrance, or as part of the photo booth backdrop.

Unique Ideas for Neon Wedding Décor

Get Creative with These One-Of-A-Kind Ways to Use Neon Signs for Your Wedding Décor Favour:

Ceremony Backdrop: Create a one-of-a-kind neon sign that displays your vows or a heartfelt remark, the perfect backdrop for your wedding.

Reception Décor: Create an impressive entrance or place neon signs above the bar to welcome guests and set the tone for the celebration.

Photo Booth: Enhance your photo booth with a neon sign encouraging guests to capture and share their moments on social media.

Directional Signs: Use neon signs to guide guests around the venue, such as pointing towards the dance floor or photo booth.

Cake Table: Above the cake table, put a neon sign to create the ideal picture-perfect dessert presentation.

The Ordering Process with ManhattanNeons

Manhattan Neons offers personalized wedding neon signs so couples can relax and enjoy the process. Allow me to clarify something for you:

Consultation: Set up a meeting to discuss your preferences and goals. The knowledgeable staff at Manhattan Neons is standing by to help you choose your wedding necessities based on this concept.

Design: A design mockup is created for your approval after the consultation. This ensures that the final product meets your expectations.

Production: Careful fabrication of the neon sign utilising premium materials follows the completion of the design.

Delivery and Installation: When you order the finished sign, you can choose installation to have it just where you want it at your event.


Personalised neon signs from ManhattanNeons can transform any wedding theme into a show-stopping reception centrepiece. You may make your wedding day special with these vibrant, customisable decorations depicting your love story.

Personalise Your Wedding Décor with ManhattanNeons was last modified: June 23rd, 2024 by Priyanshi Singh

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