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Milan’s Seven Smashin’ Fashion Trends

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Technicolor tresses, courtesy of Roy G. Biv, are happening, have happened, will continue to happen, for 2016. The dye’s the limit, so to speak. For hair, it’s no longer “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” — it’s all right here, right now.

Vivetta has red-yellow locks, the phoenix blend is at Nicopanda, plus eye-catching and bubbling multi-colored Afros are featured at Ashish. This season monochrome hair is monotonous; rainbow hair is righteous.  And your bonus:

And your bonus:

An article in the Journal of Chemical and Cosmetics touts the use of rice water for hair growth. Researchers have studied the hairstyles and hair treatment of Japanese women going back nearly 600 years and have discovered that the women of the court often had lustrous black hair that reached to the floor, which they frequently rinsed with the water used to wash rice before cooking.

So if your hair is beginning to thin out and straggle, make stir fry tonight, and save the rinse water from the rice to bring back the fullness and beauty of your own hair. Ganbarou!

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