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Sagoon App Is The New Social Media Revolution, Check Out How!

Sagoon app is a FREE social media revolution app that helps you build a rewarding life through the innovative social path. Sagoon is also one such social networking site which provides a tribune to the people where they can share their emotions, confessions at the same time earning could also be done through it. More if you are shopaholics, then this is the suitable place for your shopping where you will get rewards for shopping. Sagoon’s only aim is to help users to build a true connection with their friends, family and co-workers by following a social path. And the most highlighting part of this app is their 3 main features that are My Day, Secret Sharing and Mood Talk. So, let’s dig into the article and learn more about this very unique as well as safe to use app. Here, have a look.

Some features of Sagoon app

  • My Day

    My Day is a smart organizer that pictures how your will day looks like with your friends and family. This apparatus streamlines your daily based activities and life at home and office. Utilizing this device would reflect your everyday exercises with your friends and family that gives you genuine feelings of serenity and save time and cash also. By this feature, you can share your daily routine with your friends, spouse and colleagues. You can create a to-do list for your partner and send them reminders with just a few clicks.

    In My Day feature, you have multi-location clock, weather update, scheduling process, calendar share, to-do list and reminders.

  • Secret Sharing

The secret sharing is a confession which you’ve never revealed openly in words. In any case, it can influence individuals to pick up and confess something huge. This element is outlined to build a straightforward society and enhancing the nature of an individual life. Secrets that you have been hiding for a long time or never disclosed might be a life-changing piece of information to others. So, just sharing your secret anonymously and free yourself from the burden.

In Secret Sharing feature you have can set privacy, track others secrets, add multi pictures, like, dislike, share and comment on others secrets. And there is an option of whether you want an open secret or a private secret. Given below are the details about the open secret and private secret.

Open Secret

The Open Secret feature helps in making a transparent society which enable you to impart your views to rest of the world and you can contribute in changing the society which comes naturally with a web-based social networking application.

Private Secret

The Private Secret enables you to share your thoughts and once they are read by other users, they get erased. You can take out your disappointment and frustration that is developing inside your head, just express it on the application and get off the burden.

  • Mood Talk

    Mood Talk is a chatting tool which lets you share your mood with your friends. You can simply switch your mood from happy to sad to sick etc and to express what you feel. Also, the best part of the feature mood talk is that your chat will get vanish after 24 hours. So, you can share any of your personal stuff. Thus, you can enjoy ultimate chatting freedom.

    In Mood Talk feature you can do a group chat, search friends, diverse mood emoticons and you can also attach various files to share with your friends.

How Is Sagoon Different From Other Social Networking Apps?

The main thing that makes Sagoon app different from other social networking sites is its unique feature of secret sharing. Till the time, there is no application that lets you free yourself from all the burdens you carry in your mind and heart. And the amazing part about secret sharing is that people can actually comment on your secret and you can get help, motivation and suggestion by that. And Sagoon is not like other social networking apps like Facebook and WhatsApp where your identity is not hidden. Here, you can anonymously talk about your feelings, secrets and anything you want.

Recommendation: Yes OR No

Yes, we surely recommend this revolutionary, Sagoon app. To download this app you can check this link: Sagoon app

Sagoon App Is The New Social Media Revolution, Check Out How! was last modified: May 28th, 2021 by Simranpreet Kaur

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