30 Best Sad DPs for WhatsApp & Instagram

Well, human emotions are very devious, notorious, and unsettling. We feel happy, and sad both at the same time. And while most of us tend to feel both of these emotions by ourselves, some people resort to sharing their emotions by setting Sad DPs for WhatsApp. So, in this blog, we’re going to help you with the best Sad DPs if you want to use those DPs on your Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social media platform.

This WhatsApp Sad DP is the one which you can use to signify that you are alone, but not necessarily lonely. It can mean that you are feeling a bit sad, and which is fine.

You can be sad, but at the same point of time, this DP shows that you are happy with the sadness or the reason behind the sadness. 

If you just estranged from someone and you want to tell them that you are still missing them, then you can use this Sad DP for yourself.

This teary image can be used if you have cried with tears for someone. If you want to pick a Sad DP for yourself, then use this image.

If you are angry that someone left you and you want to ask them why they left you. Then you can use this Sad DP and when they see your DP, they will get what you want to ask.

Have you?

If your heart has been broken and you don’t know what is affecting you right now, then it’s most probably this quote you’re looking for. This one is personally the most used Sad DPs for WhatsApp.

Which scene makes you the saddest?

Simba is almost everyone’s favorite. If you are sad because your father is no more, then you can use this Sad DP which will remind you of the sweet and strong bond of a father and son relationship.

If you are missing someone or missing someone’s memories, then you can absolutely check out this Sad DP for yourself.

When you feel like you have had enough of this world. And all you want to do is, go away from everyone, this is the DP you can put up.

When you feel like Joacquin Phoenix or the Joker, then you must get this Sad DP on your Facebook or WhatsApp!

If you are missing someone badly, then download this Sad DP. Sometimes, you can miss a long-distance friend or a lover. Then this DP will convey your feelings easily. And those who really miss someone because of distance, this is one of the most setup Sad DPs for WhatsApp by them.

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If you simply tell them that you are hurt and they think that you are mad, then you must put up this really beautiful sad DP for yourself.

If you’re young, in your twenties, and you’re damaged by someone, then you can put up such Sad DPs for WhatsApp or Facebook. The best part is that it looks very aesthetic.

If you are tired of being the second option or second choice of someone, then put this sad DP on WhatsApp right now!

If you are one of those who have cared a lot about the people in your life, then this sad DP is meant for you! Get it on your WhatsApp today.

If you feel like you got abandoned by someone, then I’ll stay alone again DP is the one for you.

When the spaces between two people become deeper and deeper, then this is the DP they should be putting up for themselves.

There are times when you might have felt that you’re suffocating or you’re drowning and nobody is coming to your rescue. At such moments, you can use this sad DP to describe you emotions in the best way possible.

If you want something to take away your pain, and you want others to know that you are looking for such a thing, then you should absolutely get this sad DP on your WhatsApp or other social media platforms.

When you feel lost in someone’s memory, then you can use such DPs to portray your real love for them. Memories can never be erased. They can only be expressed and this sad DP can help you with that.

Probably one of the most asked questions by sad people only – are you happy? Sad people are the ones who make sure that their peers are happy. And this sad DP will help you in asking this question.

When you feel like you have given importance to the wrong person, then this is the sad DP meant for you. Put it up right now!

We all are played by our minds. If you think that your mind also plays a lot of games with you, then set this sad DP on your WhatsApp and tell your friends that you are a victim of this too.

If you have got the realization, then this is the best one for you! We found such Sad DPs for WhatsApp on very high profile people.

A lot of people are scared to take that one decision. If you belong to that category, then such Pink Sad DPs for WhatsApp are for you!

When you feel like, you’re feeling every goddamn feeling in this universe, then put this DP on your social media platforms.

When you think that you have given enough chances to yourself and now, you’re done with all judgments, then this DP will come in handy to you.

Sometimes, when your expectations are not met in love affairs, then this sad social media DP will come in handy. Check out for more Sad DPs for WhatsApp.

If you feel broken, make sure you allow yourself to feel that. Because some things are better when broken.

Put this DP if you regret not taking a decision in your life some long ago.

So these were some of the best sad DPs collections for you. If you liked this blog, make sure you bookmark our website and keep coming back whenever you want to read something beautiful and out of the box. If you loved this blog, then share it with your friends in your WhatsApp group or Facebook profile and let others know what your standard is when it comes to sad DPs.

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