Top 30 types of saree for pear-shaped body

The pear-shaped body has characteristics like shoulders and bust and wide hips. These characters give the body the appearance of a pear. The waist is well illustrated with narrow shoulders and is the highlight of this body type. A proper key to dressing pear-shaped is to draw focus shifting from the hips towards the upper body. To balance the shape, create the illusion of volume on the upper body and waistline but not focus on the lower body.

Saree draping has advanced from a three-piece ensemble which aspired the navel coverage to an entirely new look. Saree fabrics such as net, silk, georgette or chiffon are ideal for the pear-shaped body because they adhere to the body and highlight natural curves. There is a difference in saree according to vibrant colours, embroidery work, details on blouses and pallu style. Keeping all the factors in mind, here are the top 30 types of saree suitable for a pear-shaped body.

Net Saree

Net sarees are fashionable and beautiful. They have a modern appearance due to the embroidered, stone, or print work. The ethereal beauty of the net saree contrasts it. Net saree compliment the pear-shaped body as they counteract the upper and lower body.

Green Beads Work Net Saree

This saree is a fascinating net fabric saree in green beads. It is in a dark green shade with pearl beads designs all over. The work on saree with thread and beads embraces beauty in its purest form. It is ideal for parties and festive occasions.

Maroon Lace Net Saree

This is an elegant saree in maroon lace in net fabric. It has embroidery scalloping and shiny dots to give a classy lookIt has a beautiful drape with needlework all over it. This saree is ideal for festivals and parties as it makes women look attractive for the event.

Beige Butterfly Net Saree With Zari Work

This saree is in butterfly net fabric with zari work over it. It looks stylish and rich at weddings, festivals and special occasions. The sequencing work on this butterfly net covers your lower body and enhances your natural curves. The shade and designs flatter the pear-shaped body of women beautifully.

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Black Heavy Net Saree

This saree is a net fabric saree in black colour with Resham work over it. It looks stylish and appealing at any event. The drape with Resham and patchwork wrap your lower body and enhances your natural curves. The black colour makes you look lean.

Pink Pearl work Designer Saree

This pink saree is a designer saree in net fabric. It has designs with pearl work and embroidery that highlights the whole saree. Women look attractive and make you look elegant. It is perfect for evening parties and get-togethers.

Peach Swarovski Net Saree

This attire is a stunning designer piece of saree in net fabric and peach colouring. It has a decoration with Swarovski embroidery all over it. The saree wraps around the lower body and enhances the curves. It highlights more with earnings and heels.

Georgette Saree

Georgette sarees are versatile, easy to drape and dye, and comfortable. It is sheer, lightweight, silky finish and popular among young girls. Wearing dark colours like purple, black, and bottle green can also help you look slimmer and more comfortable in sarees.

Mustard Party Wear Georgette Saree

The saree is a mustard saree in georgette fabric. It is embroidered with Swarovski embroidery. The zari works on the saree highlights and makes it look more attractive. It makes you look stunning and ready for the party.

Green & White Embellished Sequinned Saree

The saree is a georgette fabric saree in green and white colour. It is a designer saree with a shimmering pattern which is stylish. It is perfect for evening parties. You will be in the limelight and pair trendy jewellery for more impact.

Sea Green & Yellow Pure Georgette Floral Printed Saree

This georgette saree is in sea green and yellow shade that looks beautiful on young women. It has an embellished border which adds more detail to the saree. It is a lightweight fabric which is ideal for every season. This saree is perfect for casual occasions like get-togethers, festivals etc.

Light Pink Georgette Saree with Sequins Work

This peach saree is a beautiful designer piece made of georgette fabric. It has sequins work embroidered all over the saree and is loved by young women. The blouse has heavy embroidery needlework in blue adds a highlight to the saree. It is perfect for occasions like get-togethers, festivals, weddings etc.

Black and Multi-Colored Georgette Half and Half Saree

This saree is a georgette half and half saree in a black multicoloured shade. It is decorated with embroidery and a stunning sequin printed pattern. Women with a pear-shaped, black colour cover the body and make you look elegant. It highlights your shoulders and waistline more as compared to the lower body. It is ideal for weddings, reception parties and festive occasions.

Multi Colour Georgette Saree

This saree is a multicolour georgette saree paired with a blue designer blouse. The colour combination is very gentle and looks captivating. The saree fabric is lightweight and adaptable, allowing it to drape around the body comfortably. Women look captivating in this saree as it enhances their skin tone and body type. This lovely georgette saree is ideal for occasions like parties and dates.

Silk Saree

The silk saree is an absolute sign of elegance and richness that finds a place in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. Women in silk look beautiful and sophisticated. It compliments your body so well and looks attractive. It enhances your natural curves and is suitable for festive occasions.

Green Chiniya Silk Saree with Golden Zari Stripes

This saree is a Chiniya silk saree in an Amber green colour. The body of the saree is decorated with pure Resham zari work. The blouse in brocade silk fabric adds sparks to this saree. The texture is soft, flowy, lightweight and not transparent. Women look appealing in this saree which is classic and sophisticated.

Dark Maroon colour Lichi Silk Saree

This saree is a dark maroon colour silk saree in litchi silk fabric. It looks very graceful on women wearing it. The litchi silk is mesmerizing that enhances charms. It is sheer and shiny material. You can pair it with classic earnings and flowers for a traditional festival look.

Black colour soft Kanjeevaram silk saree

This saree is a soft Kanjeevaram saree in black colour. It has beautiful golden solver weaving work that gives you a contemporary style. You will love this elegant saree for its comfortable and designs. It will make you feel special and the most attractive woman at the event.

Yellow Black Silk Saree with Brocade Blouse

This saree is a silk saree in yellow colour with a brocade blouse. It is a designer saree that looks classy and elegant in soft silk with a black border. Silk sarees are a perfect choice for gifting someone. It is a festive ready attire and makes you appreciate your curves.

Silk Traditional Patola Woven Saree

This saree is a traditional patola woven saree in silk fabric. It makes a flawless ethnic look adorning this crafted with leheria and motifs. The gold border and pallu designs with tassel details also have cut beads and mirror work. It is paired with a zari and Resham embroidered blouse. It is perfect for festive occasions and weddings.

Royal Golden Orange Kanchipuram Silk Saree

This Kanjeevaram silk saree is a beautiful piece of attire perfect for weddings. It is a handloom saree with a gold zari border. The orange and purple colours make an alluring drape woven using the jacquard loom. A contrasting blouse enhances the appeal of this gorgeous handloom and is suitable for special events.

Chiffon Saree

Chiffon is one of the main fabrics for saree because it is lightweight and easy to drape. These sarees make lovely party attire. It has an elegant and gorgeous impression. It is a suitable saree type for pear shaped body as it enhances your natural curves.

Pink Ombre Pure Tissue Saree

This ombre in the pink shade is a pure tissue chiffon saree. The work on the saree is the highlight with a jacquard zari border. The texture of this saree is smooth, soft, easy to drape and comfortable to wear to parties.

Multicolour Floral Print Saree

This saree is multicolour in floral print. It gives a contemporary look to parties and other special events. This chiffon saree is soft and comfortable to drape. It is lightweight and feels relaxed every season. It compliments every woman very nicely admiring her body style.

Teal Blue Chiffon Saree With Heavy Lace

This saree is a chiffon saree in teal blue colour. It is made from moss chiffon satin fabric and beautifully embellished with a heavy lace border. It comes with a fancy Bangalore silk blouse that matches the saree perfectly. You can wear this saree for festive and special occasions.

Sequins Embroidered Chiffon Saree

You can be in the limelight, wearing this wine-coloured chiffon saree with a tasselled pallu. A little stonework around the border adds a nice touch of elegance. It includes a black art silk blouse with a floral print and sequin embroidery embellishments all over.

Grey Striped Pure Chiffon Saree

This saree is a pure chiffon saree in a grey striped pattern with a solid border. It is a beautiful saree with a shimmery blouse which is the main highlight. This saree is perfect for party wear as it is shiny and comfortable. You can pair it with earrings and heels to look attractive at the event.

Ravishing Embroidered Lace Chiffon Saree

This grey saree is a casual printed chiffon saree. It is in Cadbury chiffon and georgette fabric with exclusive embroidery lace. It is comfortable and elegant to wear. This saree is a perfect choice for casual and special events. You can pair this with stunning jewellery and heels.

Organza Saree

Organza fabric is lightweight, sheer and delicate in silk and cotton. Women look classic and elegant in these fabrics. These sarees would entirely divert the focus away from your bulky body parts and toward the thinner and more attractive body.

Dusty Pink Tissue Organza Saree

This saree is an organza tissue silk saree in dusty pink colour. It has gold zari work over it and looks ravishing on women wearing it. The red silk blouse enhances the beauty of this saree. The texture is smooth, soft and easy to drape. Young women love this saree for parties and special occasions.

Pink & Blue Ombre Beads and Stones Organza Saree

This is a pure organza saree in pink and blue ombre shade. It has tassels attached as a design at the end of the pallu. The texture is soft, delicate, comfortable and easy to wear in all seasons. You can become the spotlight at the party and pair it with earrings and a clutch to look attractive.

Green & Beige Floral Sequinned Organza Saree

This floral sequinned saree is in organza fabric in green and beige shades. It has floral prints all over the body that is embellished with a sequins detail border. Young women love this type of saree as it is easy to drape and lightweight to carry. It is ideal for special occasions.

Lavender & Green Floral Organza Saree

This beautiful saree is in organza fabric in lavender and green shades. It has a floral printed pattern which looks impressive when worn at a party. Women love this saree for its delicate and graceful. It makes them look gorgeous and party perfect.

White & Red Floral Chikankari Organza Saree

This saree is a Chikankari organza saree in white shade. It has red floral designs and viscose thread work. The satin Banglori silk blouse is paired beautiful and makes you look attractive.

Delicate Blue and Maroon Printed Organza Saree

This saree is a delicate organza saree in blue and maroon shades. It has a flowing appearance highlighted by an adorable elegant border and a graceful-looking floral print. Women look gorgeous in this organza saree and are suitable for parties and special occasions.


Women of this shape have a petite upper body and a heavy bottom. Chiffon or georgette sarees are the perfect match for this shape as they would stick to the body and enhance its natural curves. For your special day, style into one of these sarees will make you look attractive and elegant throughout the party.

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