Top 30 Types of Blouse Designs You Need to Check Out

A well-designed and fitted saree blouse is the ideal complement to the saree. A designer blouse has a versatile appeal and adds grace to your look. The designs are sorted by necklines, sleeves, colour, fabric, length, and style. Every delicate detail and intricate design transforms each blouse into a statement piece. Here is a list of the top 30 types of blouse designs for saree you need to check out.

1. Boat Neck Saree Blouse Designs

The boat neck blouse designs are comfortable and highlight the neckline. This types of blouse are suitable for all kinds of sarees. You can design the blouse with details like prints, patterns, etc. It enhances your attractiveness after pairing it with jewellery.

2. Ruffled Sleeve Blouse Designs

The ruffled sleeves blouse design is one of the prettiest designs that look gorgeous on women. The sleeves are net fabrics and are the material for frills and ruffles. This blouse with a saree looks very attractive to the woman wearing it.

3. Round Neck Blouse Designs

Round Neck Blouse Designs is one of the most popular blouse designs. It looks lovely whether it is plain or printed around the neck. This design pairs well with any fabric sarees. It is classic and is suitable for women of any age.

4. V Neck Saree Blouse Designs

V Neck blouse designs are not simple v-necks; different variations are available in the fashion. It ranges from low, deep-plunging, high-collar, etc. There is variety in style, materials, and colour. Despite all the variations, a simple v-neck will always be classic and loved by all ages.

5. Back Button Saree Blouse Designs

Back Button Saree Blouse Designs are classic yet fancy. The buttons on the back of the blouse glimpse attractive when paired with a trendy cut-out pattern, sheer back and silk blouse.

6. Lacework Saree Blouse Designs

Lacework Saree Blouse Designs are famous for their delicate and pretty look. It is gaining popularity among young women. The lace patterns of the blouse vary in necklines, borders, and sleeves. There are different styles like high neck, boat neck, and sweetheart, etc.

7. Square Neck Blouse Designs

Square Neck Blouse Designs are stunning and compliment the neckline of women. It adds style to regular round and v-neck blouse designs. It is an ideal choice for a party to look extravagant and exquisite. This blouse can be in thread pieces like Gota Patti’s work, Zardozi, and Sequins.

8. U-Neck Saree Blouse Designs

U-Neck Saree Blouse Designs are the most classic and regular design women using for years. There are varieties of patterns to enhance the beauty of the blouse. It is ideal with a saree and jewellery for casual parties.

9. Angrakha Blouse Designs

Angrakha style is an inspiration from the Mughal era. This style of blouse closes at either left or right side. It is perfect for women who don’t like revealing more skin. It is a fusion style that is gaining popularity among women.

10. High Neck Saree Blouse Designs

High Neck Saree Blouse Designs are taking over fashion because of their modern and elegant look. It goes well with floral, full-sleeves, etc., depending on the saree. The pattern is trendy for occasions like parties and get-togethers. It gives the most glamorous look to stand out in the crowd.

11. Sweetheart Neck Saree Blouse Designs

Sweetheart Neck Saree Blouse Designs have smooth finishing and perfect fitting. It highlights the collarbone and makes women look stunning in a saree. The blouse can be in various fabrics like cotton, silk, polyester, etc. It looks pretty on every woman.

12. Strappy Saree Blouse Designs

Strappy Saree Blouse Designs are gorgeous designs enhancing the style of a simple saree. It is a lovely and chic pattern because it is gaining popularity among young women. Women will gain attention for captivating at the event. It is perfect for night parties and casual dates.

13. Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs

Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs are the most stylish designs among others. It has roots in traditional artwork like handcrafts of stones, mirrors, and threadwork. It compliments the saree and blouse very well. This type of blouse is the best wear for events like weddings, parties, and festive occasions.

14. Cape Saree Blouse Designs

Cape Saree Blouse Designs are classy designs that reinvent a simple saree into a stunning attire. This blouse disguises broad shoulders and makes you look slimmer than usual due to the coverage.

15. Off Shoulder Blouse Designs

An Off Shoulder Blouse Design is the latest and most stylish design gaining popularity among women. It goes well with a simple silk and cotton fabric saree and adds highlights to the whole attire. The off-shoulder designer blouse is perfect for your collarbone and looks graceful.

16. Sheer Straps Saree Blouse Designs

Sheer Straps Saree Blouse Designs give an attractive style to the strapless blouse. The straps are the soft net fabric that is thin and comfortable. Women can pair this blouse with statement jewellery and a clutch for a party look.

17. Three-fourth Sleeves Saree Blouse Designs

Three-fourth Sleeves Saree Blouse is one of the most stylish sleeve patterns. It is very versatile and comfortable. It is a pattern loved by women and looks best with pattu sarees. All women look amazing with a saree with a 3/4th sleeve blouse design. It looks perfect with various types of necklines and fabrics.

18. Butterfly Sleeves Blouse Designs

The butterfly design blouse looks very graceful because of its sleeves. The flowing fabrics give the best look to the saree and add drama to it. The material is light and soft. This blouse style imparts an elegant look to ladies when teaming it with a silk or pattu saree. It looks great on women of all body shapes.

19. Jacket Inspired Saree Blouse Designs

Jacket Inspired Saree Blouse Designs are another fusion of traditional and western in a gorgeous jacket. It highlights the entire look of the saree. Young women are more favourable toward this new style of blouse design.

20. Cold Shoulder Blouse Designs

The cold shoulder saree blouse design is the latest style in the blouse. It is a perfect combo for parties and the festive season. The blouse design can be upgraded using stones and other decorative items. You can enhance your simple party attire with a cold shoulder blouse and jewellery to stand out.

21. Bishop Sleeves Blouse Designs

Bishop sleeves are fashionable and look sophisticated. They not only add a nice touch to any blouse design as they also look very feminine and pretty, especially in sheer or net fabrics. It is also known as balloon sleeves. This design look on any neckline and saree type. You can pair it with some statement jewellery for special events.

22. Halter Neck Saree Blouse Designs

Halter neck blouse designs are becoming popular among women for a stylish look. It is available in various styles, colours and fabrics to pair with the sarees. This style of blouse gives a curvy and attractive look. It is the best way of showing off your shoulders and neckline by making them look toned and fit.

23. Corset Saree Blouse Designs

Today, the Corset blouse design is the most alluring fashion trend and gaining popularity. A well-fitted blouse can effortlessly make you look glamorous and add a chic look to your attire. It provides support to your waist and back and makes you look slim.

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24. Chinese collar Saree Blouse Designs

Chinese collar blouse designs are one of the most popular styles of blouse. These blouses are ideal for women of all ages and body types. This black blouse has a Chinese collar neckline and elbow-length sleeves. It is indeed elegant and contemporary.

25. Collar Style Saree Blouse Designs

Shirt collar Saree Blouse Designs are the best choices due to their easy pattern and full coverage. This blouse design adds so much to the layout and highlights the entire look with attractiveness.

26. Keyhole Neck Saree Blouse Designs

Keyhole cut blouses have a variety of styles for a fun and chic look. This cut looks stylish on the front and back of the blouse and adds drama to the attire. It can make a simple blouse into a classic designer blouse that compliments your presence at parties.

27. Puff-sleeve saree blouse designs

Puff sleeves are the main attraction of this blouse design. It makes you look elegant and pretty. These days, everyone is styling their blouse into puff sleeves. Any neckline and saree look attractive with such types of sleeves. Brides adore these puff sleeves hands for their saree as well as lehenga.

28. Peplum Saree Blouse Designs

Peplum blouse designs look amazing because of the extra layer of fabric below the waistline. These blouses are beautiful and radiate a modern charm to the saree. They look royal and sophisticated when paired with thread and mirror work lehenga or sarees.

29. Embroidery Saree Blouse Designs

Embroidery Saree Blouse Designs have several different types of embroideries. They vary from zari to threadwork; many options are available to decorate your blouse. Simple embroidery is more sophisticated and elegant when paired with a saree. You can mix and match these blouses with several other sarees and still look beautiful and perfect.

30. Back knot saree blouse designs

The back knot saree blouse design is one of the most favourite blouse designs. This pattern suits women of all ages for traditional and casual occasions. With knot detailing on the back looks captivating on women wearing it. This blouse design is a lovely one to complete your elegant saree look.


A perfectly made blouse is what makes the saree gorgeous and eye-catchy. It plays an influential role in boosting the look of the women wearing the saree. There are tons of options to style your blouse. While stitching a blouse, focus on necklines, sleeves, fabrics, and decorations you can choose from according to your personality. It is like a heaven for women to explore.

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