100 Blouse Designs For Every Desi Girl To Rock Every Season!!

We all are very excited for the festive season, Diwali is not far from us. And being an Indian, Diwali is one of the most celebrated festival of India. Everyone would agree with me in this. So the biggest festival of the year is nearby and you may want to look the best on the day. And Sarees and lehengas are the most common and the prettiest outfits that most of the women wear on these kind of events. But being monotonous is not an option, So we have come up with some amazing blouse designs that will make you stand out of the crowd through the blouse back designs and blouse neck designs. Weddings, cocktail parties and many other events require Sarees and you may want to look different yet fashionable. And our Bollywood is here to guide you in this area too.

Here listing 100 blouse designs inspired from Bollywood that you can to try to look alluring at weddings, farewell parties, family get togethers, cocktail parties and many other events like these-


Blouse Designs

1. Blouse With A Cape

This is the most trendy blouse design that you can get in a blouse now a days. This is best for the women who have small shoulders in comparison to their body. This type of blouse will help your shoulders look in sync with your body.

2. Round Neck Blouse

This type of blouse design is the most common. But as you can see, getting customized in striped design instantly turned it into a very refreshing and modern blouse pattern.

3. Monochrome Striped Blouse

This blouse pattern is the most ideal for the women who want to dress ethnic but modern at the same time. You just need to get yourself a striped blouse and look chic.

4. Sheer Sleeved Blouse

Blouse neck designs effect outlook of the blouse. This mandarin collar with sheer sleeves turned this blouse into an amazing piece to rock your casual family get together.

5. Blouse With Collar

Get an instant bohemian look with this kind of blouse neck designs with notched collar. Accessorize this blouse pattern with some boho accessories to look super chic at the next farewell party you are attend.

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6. Off the Shoulder Blouse With Frills

These kind of blouse designs are made to flaunt your toned shoulders. Pair this off shoulder blouse with a designer bordered Saree to get up the rage.

7. Fringes On My Mind

Want to look super classy on that cocktail party of your friend’s wedding ceremny. Get yourself a fringed blouse and simple embroidered Saree in off white color to create a super stunning look.

8. Anti-Fit Much

As anti-fit trend is all over this season, then why not try it with a Saree too. Get yourself an anti-fit blouse pattern and pair it with a dhoti pant styled Saree to rock the day on a college event to be an ultimate fashionista.

9. Be Modernly Desi

Blouse neck designs are so alluring to watch, this high neck blouse with modern touch will make you modernly desi. Want to be the talk of the college, try this outfit to make it true.

10. Peachy Love

Boy, does this one command a toned upper body! All you pear-shaped ladies, this sleeveless, high-neck blouse pattern is sure to lend your figure a balanced look like none other. Keeping accessories at the minimal to highlight your blouse more.

11. Prints All Over

This Saree is perfect for almost every casual occasion you can think off. Go on a lunch date with your boyfriend wearing this and make him be proud of you to look that amazing.

12. Floral Prints Are Mesmerizing

Slim blouses, not noodle straps, but just slim. Perfect for both daytime functions as well as evening events. This sensual and minimalistic blouse design with sequin detaling at the strap will never, never fail you.

13. That Kolkata Essence

Feeling Bangali yet? Get dolled up this pretty blouse neck design with added frills. That looks super interesting, right? Adding that Laal Dupatta enhanced the beauty of this outfit.

14. Wearing Net Is Amazing

This Saree gown can inspire to get yourself a customized blouse like this one. One sleeved blouse with fine embroidery and high neck design. This will look perfect on almost every occasion- take weddings, cocktail parties, festivals etc.

15. T-Shirt Blouse

You will get all the attention from all people if you show up in this t-shirt printed blouse. You will look like a modern desi girl. Brownie points for the fact, that it suits almost all types of frameworks with utmost grace.

16. Vintage Feels

A pretty royal tone adorned with Banarasi silk will take over the Diwali evening for you. The Saree paired with an embroidered full sleeve blouse will take over and add all the starry bits to your evening party look.

17. V-Neck Crop Top

Every woman should have at least one crop top like this. You can create a super stylish look by pairing this with A Saree to look super stunning a college party.

18. Sheer Yoke Blouse

You can take your fashion game to the next level in these kind of blouse designs that is made with sheer embellished fabric and with yoke neckline. You can complement it with perfect retro hair, dewy make-up and a pair of simple studs.

19. High Neck Sleeveless Twist

The color and design of this blouse isn’t alike to the Saree but it brings out the sass in the Saree. Don’t you think so? Accessorize your whole outfit with silver danglers to look Patakha. 😉

20. Strappy Blouse

This blouse is perfect for you to look more western than Indian. These type of blouse designs are easy made and styling them with a Saree can instantly make you look sensual. Get ready for the next college party to rock it and call it your day.

21. Flared One Shoulder

These type of blouse designs are super sassy to carry and you can carry them any occasion you want. Pairing it with Saree will make you ready to attend a wedding, a party or a family dinner.

22. Striped Sleeveless Blouse

Get yourself a Saree with less detailing on it and team it up with a striped pattern sleeveless blous. And finish this look perfectly by styling it with pearl earrings and a gold clutch.

23. High Neck Collared Crop Top

Turn up the level of quirk in this beautiful denim Saree paired up with this high neck collared crop top. Break the monotonous rule of Saree that you can’t create a Saree with denim.

24. Mandarin Collared Blouse

These type of blouse designs are very classy and stylish to carry. This blouse is ideal for almost every type except women with heavy busts.

25. Dori Detailing

Get yourself made a blouse with V-neck back design and attach many dori details with it to add extra grace to this blouse. Styling it with a Banarasi Saree will make you look a proper Indain chic.

26. Caged Sleeves

These type of blouse designs are so trendy and fresh. Cage style sleeves are are so new to watch, style this blouse with a Banarasi Saree to look best.

27. Sheer Sleeves

This trend of sheer sleeves is common yet it sounds fresh and chic. A plain Saree with floral embroidered blouse with sheer sleeves will make a stunning outfit.

28. Spaghetti Strap Blouse

These type of blouse designs are quite bold and sensuous and is for the modern fashionista, who prefer to flaunt their assets and skin. Wear this blouse pattern only if you’re comfortable in showing skin and you’ve toned arms.

29. One Shoulder Wonder

You can don this one shoulder off blouse pattern to steal the attention of onlookers. You can style it with an ultra glam sheer Saree in red color.

30. Heavily Embellished Blouse

This season is all about heavily-embellished blouses, from shimmery sequins to intricate embroidery and even floral prints. You can couple these kind of blouse designs with a light chiffon or net Saree and you’re good to go!

31. Satin Blouse

A loose fit satin blouse with a simple floral printed Saree sounds as  a very good idea. Look super fresh at a lunch date with your friends while wearing this outfit.

32. V-Neck Blouse

This V-neck blouse is carrying an unique elegance with it, pair it with a blue Saree to look best. Finish the look with fuchsia lips, neatly tied bun and striking diamond earrings.

33. A Blouse Or Just A Saree?

These type of blouse designs are so in now a days. So you should also get yourself a piece of this blouse to rock that cocktail party, you have been waiting for.

34. Phulkari Jacket Top

Why don’t you try a Kerala Saree with a phulkari detailed jacket and some boho accessories. You will look super stylish yet an ultimate fashionista.

35. Balloon Sleeved Blouse

A balloon sleeved blouse sounds interesting, isn’t it? Look super amazing in this type blouse designs and rock the rock at your friend’s wedding.

36. Backless Blouse

Over the years blouse designs have evolved and have become more bolder and sexier. If you don’t mind a little bit of skin show, then the backless blouse pattern is a must try this festival season.

37. Round Back Neck Design

This type of blouse designs come with round shape cut at the back of the blouse. Back neck designs are so intriguing and they look sensual. Keep your hair tied in a bun or side braid to highlight the back neck design of the blouse.

38.  Embellished Cape

Heavily embellished cape attached to an underneath blouse. You can undoubtedly wear this type of blouse design with a heavy Saree at your own wedding or reception.

39. Collared Blouse

Blouses with different neck designs are in vogue, collared blouse is one of the main neck designs which are used. This type of blouse designs are unique and super fresh to carry. You can this blouse at your farewell party to astonishing.

40. Princess Neckline Blouse

This type of blouse designs are perfect for a wedding day. So if you are getting married soon, get yourself a blouse like this and you will show up as the most beautiful bride.

41. Boat Neck Blouse

As we all know boat neck blouses are super comfy and pretty to carry. And they are perfect for almost every occasion. So you should always have at least one boat neck blouse.

42. High Neck Blouse

You can absolutely rock this sleeveless blouse featuring a round collar-neck with a dhoti pant Saree. If you’ve got the confidence to carry on, go out and rock this festival season.

43. One Shoulder Fringed Blouse

This type of blouse designs are perfect for high end cocktail parties or any other events. One shoulder blouse with a flowy end, that sounds super interesting.

44. Metallic Fringes

An off shoulder blouse with fringe detailing is best for weddings, cocktail parties and evening parties. A statement necklace is will do the trick.

45. Deep V-Neck Blouse

These kind of blouse designs are the most basic and they are running in the Indian history from so long. But we never get bored with them because they are so sexy and sensual to wear.

46. Blouse With A Shirt Hint

A shirt with half sleeves and collar is the most innovative idea to wear as a blouse. You will look modern yet Indian in this outfit. This outfit is perfect foe a casual outing with your friends.

47. Bikini Blouse

Only some women will be able to pull this kind of blouse designs at a Diwali evening. Just pair this sexy bikini blouse a plain Saree with a border. And pair this outfit with pretty statement earrings to look super hot and chic.

48. Bell Sleeved Blouse

An off white embroidered Saree paired with this off-white bell-sleeved blouse is a look that is perfect for any day-time or evening event. Adding some statement accessories will enhance this look.

49. Classy High Neck Blouse

As we all know on Diwali, winter starts saying hi o you. So this Saree is perfect for winters and you will look stylish and flamboyant without feeling cold.

50. Floral Print Sheer Sleeves

A blouse with V-neck and full sheer sleeves with floral print can create a super amazing outfit. A plain Saree is enough to add that spark to this blouse. You can wear this Saree at casual parties.

51. An Angel In Saree

This type of blouse is made with a specific kind of fabric, you should be able to carry it well. You should keep your hair tied to show off that pretty blouse.

52. Flared Crop Top

A plain Saree with a flared crop top, it looks amazing. Every girl own a flared crop top and a plain Saree is very easy to ghave. So recreate this fusion outfit to look stunning.

53. A Long Sequined Cape

A long sequined cape with an underneath top will make you look different from the crowd. And you will be able to leave your fashionista impact behind.

54. Keep It Simple

An off white blouse with bell sleeves and same off white Saree will make you look sophisticated and classy at the same time. You can carry this Saree at formal parties to look graceful.

55. Angrakha Jacket

You can effortlessly pull this full length angrakha styled jacket over the drapes, it will make you look super classy. Just let your hair loose and opt for heavy temple-design jhumkas to complete the look.

56. Blouse With A Waist belt

This type of blouse designs are very trendy and this trend is new and fresh. You can get this blouse customized for you and this blouse will help your waist look slimmer.

57. Zipper At The Back

This kind of blouse designs are like pendulam fashion trends, they come and go and they come again. Look very sophisticated in these kind of blouses and you can wear this blouse at official parties.

58. Backless Choli

Is that hot or what! Add a dash of sensuality to your look with a backless choli that requires no addition of heavy adornments to back it up, just a pair of earrings are enough to make you look out of the world.

59. Bell Sleeved Cold Shoulder

Give a fresh twist to your normal Saree look by paring it with a cold-shoulder blouse with ruffled sleeves. Add some accessories to be festival ready instantly.

60. Caged Back Neck Design

This type of blouse designs are so mesmerizing, you will look like a princess if you pair this blouse with a embroidered net Saree. These type of back neck designs are hard to ignore, keep your hair tied to highlight this neck design.

61. Blouse With Gujrati Embroidery

A backless neck design blouse with Gujrati style embroidery is super amazing. It has dori detailing at back of the blouse. A plain Saree will do the rest of the work.

62. Net Neckline

It’s no surprise that net is not going out of style anytime soon, If not in the form of Sarees, net will always rule in stylish blouse designs with sleeveless net-neckline blouses that will flaunt your neck and make you look stunning.

63. Sweetheart Neckline Blouse

Sweetheart neckline are meant to flaunt your shoulder with a sexy cleavage show. Pair this blouse with a heavy Saree to get it best out of it.

64. Oval Back Neck

A blouse with oval back neck design to flaunt that sexy back. You should try to keep your hair tied to show off the neck design of the blouse.

65. Angrakha Blouse

This type of blouse designs are new in the fashion industry, you can style these with printed Sarees to look beautiful. This blouse can be worn to a wedding with bright colored theme.

66. Peek-A-Boo Hole

If we talk about back neck designs then this kind of peep hole is design is very trendy. If you don’t want to show much skin but still want to look sexy, then this blouse is made for you.

67. Vintage Bride

This kind of blouse designs are very sensual yet very classy. You can pair this blouse with heavily embroidered Lehenga and wear this blouse at your wedding to be the most sassy bride ever.

68. Overlapping Off Shoulder

This kind of off shoulder blouses are very common these days, you can pair them Sarees, lehengas or dhoti pants to bring out the best of this blouse.

69. Frilly Sleeves

A blouse with mandarin collar and frill detailed sleeves will make you look extremely beautiful. Pair this blouse with striped Saree to look stunning.

70. Net In A Cage

This blouse is just so pretty to watch, floral embroidery in bright yellow color and that cage detailing on fine net. You can pair this blouse with a plain Saree with border to enhance the beauty of this blouse.

71. Tasseled Blouse

This kind of blouse is made with some tassel detailing at the sides of a cropped blouse. You can pair this blouse with georgette Saree to look astonishing.

72. Shirt Blouse With A Bowknot

This kind of blouse designs are in the experimentive genre, no one can easily pull off this kind of blouse. You can try pairing this blouse with a stripe Saree to look alluring.

73. Off Shoulder With Bell Sleeves

An off shoulder top with bell sleeve is a new style that is trending now a days. You can pair this blouse with a floral printed Saree to get the best look out of it.

74. Corset Blouse

This blouse is similar to the corset concept. It hugs your body very tight and help you show your curves to the flash. Very heavy body type women should avoid wearing this kind of blouses.

75. Floral Embroidered

You should always own a blouse with floral embroidery and if the blouse is off shoulder, then you are extra lucky. This kind of blouse designs are super amazing to have, they are comfy and stylish.

76. Embellished V-Neck Blouse

This blouse is made with heavy embellishment and it has a loose fit. A peach Saree should be there in your wardrobe to pair with this blouse and you will look great instantly.

77. Flowy Sleeves

A blouse with cold shoulder detailing but with a twist. The cold shoulder ends with long flowy sleeves that touch the ground. You can wear this kind of blouse as your wedding outfit and you will be a pretty bride.

78. Cold Shoulder Overlap

The cold-shoulder overlap with fringed accents acted more as a layering than a blouse making the saree look more interesting and exciting.

79. Layered Flares

You can get yourself customized one shoulder blouse with layered flares to create an amazing piece of garment. Wear this blouse with your navy blue Saree to look best at a party.

80. One Shoulder Cropped Top

A heavily embroidered Saree will be the best to pair with this type of blouse. Because this blouse design is very simple and styling it with embroidered Saree will make this outfit look great.

81. Tube Top With A Cape

You can rock this fabulous tube blouse with a peach cape overla. Is there anything that’s more elegant that this effortless ensemble, you can style it with a blue or purple Saree to create an awesome outfit.

82. Blouse With Back Neck Design

These kind of blouse designs come with beck neck designs and they look extremely sexy to carry. They vary in different shapes and sizes. You can style these with Sarees and look beautiful.

83. Lacy Affair

Who doesn’t love lace? We sure do, and we’re loving this lace blouse with high neckline and cold shoulder detailing. You can style this kind of blouse designs with a sheer Saree and keeping your loose in wavy curls.

84. Overlapped Off The Shoulder

These type of blouse designs are less comfortable to carry, a woman with well toned shoulders can pull this off easily. You can wear this blouse at many parties and weddings too.

85. Sheer Peplum Blouse

A sheer peplum blouse will look super awesome when styled with a floral print Saree. Accessorizing it with a statement necklace will turn this outfit into extreme stylish.


A subtle dash of bling coupled with a full-sleeved embroidered blouse is clearly our definition of contemporary! Don’t forget to style your hair in a bun, you surely don’t want to hide this blouse with your hair.

87. Metallic Blouse

Metallic blouse are quite interesting and they are not that easy to style. These kind of blouse designs can turn you into a laughing matter if you don’t carry it well. Silver Saree will enhance the beauty of this blouse.

88. One Shoulder Cape

This blouse pattern is quite interesting, team this with a plain Saree to highlight this blouse design. You may want to add some statement accessories to look festival ready.

89. Shirt Blouse

These kind of blouse designs are quite new for most of the people. But if your experimentive enough than style this shirt blouse with a Saree and keep the buttons open till the cleavage and look sensual and sassy.

90. Asymmetric Enough

This asymmetric blouse is so classy to carry with a Saree. This is perfect for a college farewell party. Just style this blouse with a beautiful Saree and keep your hair loose in wavy curls with natural makeup. And you will rock the day.

91. A Little Peplum Detailing

This kind of blouse designs are so awesome to carry, imagine wearing a red Saree with this blouse. And a red lipstick to finish the look and show up looking effortlessly beautiful.

92. Extreme Off The Shoulder

These type of blouse designs are so amazing to wear, they look extremely beautiful if you wear them with a Saree or a Lehenga. You can carry this outfit at any wedding party and be the center of the attraction.

93. Bell Sleeves Are Love

Bell sleeves can never disappoint you, this top will look best on the women who have well toned shoulders. Accessorizing it with a pair of statement earrings will make you look amazing.

94. Floral Net Effect

Get yourself made these kind of blouse designs to look utmost classy at an evening event. This blouse pattern is simple yet it is so classy to carry. A fuchsia Saree will look best with this, add some accessories to enhance the beauty of the outfit.

95. Embellished One

You will look like a vision in this embellished net blouse with a matching blouse underneath. A paisley embroidery Saree draped in mermaid style will show off your curves at the best. Make sure to get an elegant hairdo, statement accessories to compliment the outfit.

96. Simply Amazing

This type of blouse neck designs are very basic yet so alluring to wear. Get yourself made a V-neck blouse in a very rich fabric and style it with a gotta patti patterned Saree. You will look super stunning at Diwali.

97. Frills All Over

You may think that this blouse pattern is all western and all. But who says you can’t create a ethnic outfit with this. A pair of ethnic earrings and styling this blouse with a Saree will do the trick.

98. Cold Shoulder Effect

Cold shoulder trend is in the vogue this season, we all know it. So why not try some extra experiments with this trend. Get yourself a cold shoulder blouse pattern customized in lace fabric. And style it with a plain Saree to look alluring.

99. Bralette With Shrug

A bralette blouse with a shrug on it, you will look stunning if you style this blouse with red Saree. A pair of statement earrings or a statement necklace will be enough to accessorize this outfit to look bomb on that business party.

100. A Bit Sexy

This blouse pattern is ideal for the women who want to look super sexy with a pinch of ethnic and western. This blouse is the most easy to team up with any color of Saree. So you don’t need to think much while styling it.

So here were 100 blouse designs for you to get inspired and get it done from your tailor to rock this Diwali with style and class.

Stay Stylish, Stay Classy 🙂 Be Diwali Ready.

100 Blouse Designs For Every Desi Girl To Rock Every Season!! was last modified: February 5th, 2023 by Tamanna Beniwal

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