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Akshay And Sonam’s Hard Hitting Message Through This Video Is Something Everyone Should See!!

Lately, Akshay Kumar has been raising his voice quite often against issues related to society. This time through “Padman” he brings on the not-much-debated issue of women menstrual hygiene. Periods, being a taboo in Indian culture has forced women not to consider it as a matter of their right. Talking about the figures, India is still far behind from providing a proper women hygiene culture in rural areas. You’ll be amazed to know that a mere 12% of India’s women population has the access to sanitary pads.

Women from rural areas have accepted using dry leaves, ash, coconut husks and even wooden sticks in case of menstrual cycles which sounds way horrific for people like us who have the privilege of using sanitary napkins. The world is moving towards more convenient menstrual hygiene products such as tampons, menstrual cups etc whereas we here in India is still struggling for the basic women needs.

Padman is surely a much-appreciated effort in a nation where menstrual cycles is a big taboo for most of our population. In a progressive nation like us, there is a  need to make everyone understand the importance of menstrual hygiene and include sanitary napkins as a part of your basic monthly grocery.  It’s high time we have to transform our grocery list to empower every woman in our country. Kyunki Ab Koi Samjhauta Nahi!!

Here’s The Video:

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