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Top 25 types of flower print suit neck designs

A beautiful neckline is very important and highlights the whole suit. Various patterns will compliment the person. You can decide which one looks better and matches your personality. Every dress fabric needs a different kind of neckline. Floral print suits are lightweight fabrics because of cotton and chiffon. It is vibrant and has appealing shades which look good on every woman. Check out these 30 types of neck designs for floral print suits.

Deep square neck designs

The deep square neck design is an upgraded version of the basic square neckline. This neck design makes your shoulders appear broader and highlights the collarbone. For women with pear-shaped bodies, this kind of design is perfect. A floral suit with a square neck will make women look elegant and attractive.

V-neck design designs

V-neck design designs are famous neckline selections for all attire. This design looks good on every dress like a blouse, suit, kurta etc. This pattern of neckline highlights the dress and compliments collar bones. The length of the v-neck can be deeper according to your preference.

High Neck designs

High-neck designs are trendy for a lavish look. It has modernised the simple neckline. A high neck is a good alternative for women who like to cover their collar bone. Floral suits with high-neck designs are ideal for casual parties and office meetings.

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Paan-shaped neck designs

Paan-shaped neck designs are the leaf neckline looks pretty with ethnic wear. You can add details like buttons with contrasting colours. Even a simple floral print suit adds extra beauty because of this neckline.

Koti pattern potli neck designs

Koti pattern potli neck designs add contemporary and youthful design to the regular neckline. To make the floral print suit more stylish, the Koti style with piping works excellently. This pattern is gaining popularity among women.

Half collar neck designs

Half-collar neck designs are popular among young women. It is an upgrade to a regular neckline. The half-collar with a v or u-shaped neckline adds beauty to the kurta. It enhances the personality of the person wearing the floral suit with this neckline.

Boat neck designs

The boat neckline is always the best when deciding on a suit neck design. It enhances the beauty of your shoulders and collarbones. It fits all body types when paired with the fabric, fashions and pattern. Floral suits with boat neck style are perfect for parties, outings, and festivals.

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The fancy patchwork neck designs

The neckline with a contrasting fabric patch enhances the vibe of the floral suit. The designs look more special when decorated with potli buttons or latkan. Traditional or casual, a floral print suit with patchwork is ideal for parties and looks pretty.

The closed keyhole neck designs

The keyhole neckline for floral suits is an exquisite style. The keyhole length depends on the occasion when you are wearing the dress. The small keyhole pattern is ideal for formal events and can add buttons to highlight the whole attire. For a casual look, the keyhole will be more extensive than regular to show the collarbone and feel amazing.

Piping neck designs

Piping in contrasting colours is around the neckline made into some patterns highlighting the simple dress. It can have buttons and a tassel adding extra drama to the Kurti. Women look lovely and elegant wearing a floral suit with jewellery and heels for any event.

The trendy high neck with dori designs

A high neck design with Dori tied up in the front is one of the latest designs which is gaining popularity among women. The Dori compliments the high neck pattern well and the floral print of the dress. The details highlight the neckline and are suitable for any event. You pair it with earrings and heels for a more elegant appearance.

Sweetheart Neck designs

Sweetheart necklines are a popular style that makes you look curvy and elegant. It enhances the collarbone of women and compliments well with all body types. It looks attractive and suitable for parties and special events. A traditional necklace with this neckline makes a perfect outfit to look special in the crowd.

Scoop Neck designs

Scoop necklines are classic and forever in fashion. The depth of this neck design is the main highlight. The fabric like chiffon, georgette and cotton praise flawlessly for a scoop neckline. You can glorify your look with jhumkas, heels and clutch and get all spotlight you want. It suits best person with a pear shape body.

Halter Neck designs

Halter Neck designs are by Indo-western inspiration in which women look gorgeous. This neckline goes well with a spaghetti strap and a dupatta for an ethnic look. Young women prefer halter necks over regular suits neck. It highlights your toned shoulder and makes you feel special for events.

Portrait Neck designs

Portrait necklines are elegant neck designs and are liked by women of all ages. It focuses on the collarbones and the shoulders. This pattern is one of the best suit necklines. This style is ideal for women with pear-shaped bodies. Women will look elegant and attractive in a floral suit with this neck.

U-Neck designs

The round neckline is a popular neckline style. You can design it with a small slit followed by a row of buttons. It is casual wear and office meetings because it is simple yet stylish. It also flatters people with a short neck or a long face.

Angrakha Neck designs

Angrakha neck design is the perfect piece to rock the fashion. The kurta has an overlapping neckline that shows off your feminist side. It has a charming appearance and looks great with vibrant colours. It is casual wear, and college girls love to wear it because it is both comfortable and trendy.

The Cold Shoulder Neck designs

The cold shoulder sleeve design is popular. These sleeve type looks modern and looks stunning. There are different variations of sleeves style on women’s dresses. The neckline is beautiful in a floral printed suit for the summer season.

Peter Pan Collar neck designs

These are the best neck designs for Kurtis that will make you appear delicate and petite. It has a rounded collar and a flat collar. It is a typical western long Kurti design. Necklaces are not required because the neckline may lose its charm.

Asymmetric Kurta neck designs

The asymmetric neckline is popular, especially with designer pieces. Women can include different layouts and variations into one neckline for a kurta. You can also have different combinations of embroidery, button work, patchwork etc. You can select any design that will look most suitable for the material.

Pot Neck designs

Pot neck designs are named after the pot-like shape of the neck. Instead of a plain “pot,” try this Pot and patch style. You can highlight this kurta with a print fabric patch on the bust. You can wear it with contrasting coloured leggings to look stunning.

Mandarin designs

Mandarin neck design is a popular Indian style for women of all ages. This style has been around for a very long time. Women look lovely in this floral suit with jewellery and heels for any occasion.

Pleated Neck design

This Pleated Neckline is another lovely design in a straight-fit kurta. The neckline is boat-shaped, with a pleated pattern stretched over it. The neckline is creative and stunning, adding to the overall beauty of the dress.

High Neck Collar Kurta Neckline With Strips

This High Neck Collar Kurta Neckline With Strips is beautiful that requires a great deal of neatness and artistic work. The neckline is a broad round neckline with a collar, with strips in between. This appealing front neck design and women look attractive wearing it.

Triangular keyhole neck design

The keyhole neckline adds a jewel-like opening close to the neck and different ways to flatter the chest. It can be made into different shapes like triangles, circles etc. Floral suits with keyhole necklines are perfect for casual parties and business meetings.


A good neck design can improve your appearance and personality. It may improve your feminine beauty and make you appear more attractive and fashionable. So save this neck design guide and always look stylish and perfect.

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